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Selah's 7th month

Selah turned 7 months and I totally missed it! The 10th of February came and went and I didn't even realize that she was 7 months.
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Genesis is 4 years old!

Genesis is so spunky and sweet, and now she is 4!

 Last night as a 3-year-old

Caleb is 18!

How is it possible that I am a mom to THREE adults?!? Caleb turned 18 in January.

Selah's 5th and 6th months

In the busy-ness of the season, I didn't ever get Selah's 5th month written up. And I'll be honest--I don't even remember now what I would have written. The biggest news was that shortly before she turned 5 months old, she began to roll over...and over, and over, and over. She loves to roll! She will roll across a room until she gets stuck up against something. She prefers to roll to the left, so that's why she ends up getting stuck. But she can roll to the right, as she proved promptly after I said to someone that she couldn't do it. Keep on reading for more pictures and updates about the past 2 months.

Selah's 4th month

Sweet little Selah has gotten so big this past month!

Zeke's 15th Birthday

Zeke turned 15 last month, and, as usual, I'm behind on writing. (Still no internet at the camp house, let's go with that excuse...)

I have been warned that he is old enough to learn how to drive. Some time back I said that we shouldn't let him learn until he's 18. Couldn't he have stayed 14??

Selah's 3rd Month

As I looked back through pictures this month, I am amazed at how Selah has grown and changed! We have been so blessed.