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Loads of Wedding Photos!

Micah and Katie shared the professional wedding photos with me, so I have selected a ton of them to share with you. Honestly, though, I wanted to share all of them. They were wonderful! Thanks again to my friend Shannon for being the photographer for the day. If you want her contact info, shoot me an email.

Micah and Katie decided to do photos before the wedding so that their guests wouldn't have to wait while they took pictures after the wedding. I loved this series from the "First Look."

And some more of my favorite shots of the happy couple:

 {Beautiful Bride}
{Lovely Ladies}
Then they all came back to the church for some more group photos.
 {The Wedding Party}
 {Our family}
 {Our extended family}
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Wedding Day!

I didn't take the pictures for Micah and Katie's wedding, so in this post I will share the "unprofessional" ones we got.

On the wedding day we arrived (on time??) at the church before picture time and got dressed there.

 {So adorable. Mamaw Janet took this picture and several of the others!}
 {Best buds. These guys didn't have a "job" in the wedding, but they sure looked good anyway.}
 {Katie got presents for each of the girls. They have adored and treasured their boxes!}
 {Sorry ladies, this one is taken!}
 {My nephew, Angel was visiting us and also got to attend the wedding!}
 {My dear friend Shannon Chilson was the wedding photographer. I so loved getting to see Shannon on this special day.}

{Pretending to pin on the boutonniere since I missed getting to actually do it. I asked Micah if I should poke him with the pin. Haha.}
{Micah and Katie asked Mitch to make this sign for the wedding, and they braided the cords together during the ceremony.}
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