Monday, November 09, 2015

Genna is 9 months!

Holy smokes this girl is growing fast!

I would have loved to write last week, but I was super sick. I caught strep and had a fever that didn't give up without a fight. Then I woke up with the worst outbreak of fever blisters I've ever had. I joked that I wanted my spleen back. I am finally on the mend and thankful that no one else caught strep. Micah and Eden have colds. And that's the worst of it.

Genna won't go to the doctor until next week, so I don't know how much she weighs (a lot) or how tall she is (about average). She is one chunky monkey, though. I have an affectionate new nickname for her: Genny Pig.

Get it???

'Cause Mitch didn't. And since he's the comedian around here, I felt pretty defensive about my cute joke.

So if you didn't get it either, well, then I guess I'm not very good at puns. Genny Pig = Guinea Pig?


Well, try this one: What's brown and sticky?

A stick.

Did you laugh?

That was Mitch's joke. He has laughed about it for days. Maybe it's the strep. Maybe it got into my brain or something.

Ok...moving on now. Back to Genna. :)

Isn't she cute?

At 9 months, Genna

~has 4 teeth, 2 on top and 2 on bottom
~pulls herself up to stand and gets back down with no problems. She teases us by letting go for half a second or by standing with just one hand supporting herself.

~loves feeding herself...not that this^ was exactly what I meant. :) She can feed herself soft foods such as pears, cooked veggies, bananas, and the baby cereal "puffs" that are popular (and cost like $2/oz. Compared to regular Cheerios, which cost like $0.10/oz. This is robbery, Gerber! She likes Cheerios too.)

~won't eat more than 2-3 bites of baby foods. She begins to squirm and scream to get away. :( In these pictures I took yesterday, I went back to just plain rice cereal and I tried feeding her on her own turf, the ground. It was a much more positive experience. I also allowed her to explore and play with the cereal. Yeah, it was a mess, but she got way more inside her than we previously had been able to do. I also bought some "chunky" baby foods at the store to try. Maybe she will like the texture?

~learned to climb up stairs. She was so proud of herself when she climbed the stool in the bathroom. I'm watching her like a hawk!
~opens cabinet doors and drawers. Oh so fun!

~babbles happily, sometimes sounding like words. I can still get her to say "ma-ma" and she loves to blow raspberries. In fact, blowing raspberries is a very serious business. Get her started doing that, and you'll be hard pressed to get her doing anything else. :) I think I have a video somewhere.

There it is. Wow, google owns my life. If the video above doesn't work, you can find it by clicking here.

She was quiet and I wondered what she had gotten into. She found an abandoned pizza crust. :)

~loves nursing, but is easily distracted (8 months ago I wondered if we were going to make it nursing!)
~takes 2-3 naps/day, and sleeps in my bed most of the night. But I do lay her down in her crib as often as I can.
~is wary of strangers. She cries if I'm not close by and if I am holding her she buries her head in my chest. She's been doing this for a few months, but Eden reminded me that she also holds her arm straight out with her hand bent in front of her, sort of covering the stranger from her line of sight as if to say, "no more, go away." It's so cute and I'll have to get a picture of it if I can.

New this month:
~likes to suck on a pacifier. Holy wow, this could be a game changer!! So far she doesn't want that pacifier if she is sleepy at all, but I hope to win her over. ;)
~shakes her head back and forth like a crazy version of "no," but only when she's tired or upset. Usually she does it when I don't start nursing her fast enough.
~claps her hands. It's adorable.
~walks. Or so Caleb swears. He says she lost her hold of the couch (thanks to Obi) and she took "like 3 steps" toward him before falling to the ground. I said "no way. I'll believe it when I see it." I think that's how it goes. It doesn't count until Mom sees it?

Ok, my time is up!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Micah's Senior Pictures

I have spent a couple hours editing these, and I'm sure I could spend weeks more. It's a lot of fun! Here are a few of my favorites from Micah's session. There were some more shots that I wanted to do, but we didn't have time.

 And because I couldn't pick my favorite...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

This year's fall photo shoot was a massive challenge. I think it's getting harder each year. :) We headed to the park early, and I asked Mitch to meet us there after work. I spent the first hour or so taking individual pics of everyone except Micah (I'm going to shoot his senior photos on a completely different day, hopefully soon). I think we were there too long, and everyone started unraveling after just a few family photos. I also am puzzled that sometimes I can just nail it with the camera settings, and at other times I completely mess up. Some of the shots have excellent exposure while others needed some editing. I'm still very much an amateur! Mercy was incredibly uncooperative. I even took her out on Friday afternoon to do re-takes, and it was a bust. Oh well...maybe next year, right?

Here are the results, and I'll try to pick some funny outtakes to share also.

16 years old
11th grade

14 years
9th grade

12 years
6th grade

10 years
5th grade

8 years
3rd grade

{He asked, "Will you take my picture by the giant ear in the tree?"}

6 years
1st grade

4 years old
 {The look Obi makes when we ask him to smile.}

2 years


8 months

 {Be sure to focus on Malachi. Later when looking at these pictures Tirzah criticized Caleb for drifting so far away from the rest of the family.}

 {That one was *almost* a good one}

 {Silly faces}

 {Pretend to fight with someone}

{Josh got grass in his shirt, and took it off to shake it out. Obi copied him, then stayed that way for a few pictures. I lost it. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I laughed so hard I cried. We were so done.}

I'm considering new ideas for next year. I hope that someone comes up with something brilliant. Maybe I'll find it on Pinterest.