Thursday, October 16, 2014

Family Pictures (Take 2)

I had my eye on the weather forecast, hoping it would line up with our family's busy schedule. With a licensed driver in the house, having everyone at home at one time (especially on a nice day) is nearly impossible! I declared Wednesday would be the day. Thankfully, we were able to nail it this time. This post will be heavy with pictures, but here are my favorites:

18 months
 Mercy wasn't very cooperative, so I'm glad we got a cute one a few weeks ago. :)

3 years

5 years

7 years
2nd grade

9 years
4th grade


11 years
5th grade

13 years
8th grade

15 years
10th grade

17 years
11th grade

37 29 years
23 weeks pregnant

38 years
3rd grade
Almost 18 years married!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Family Photos (Take 1)

A few weeks ago the weather was pushing 80 F and the leaves were starting to change. As happens each year with our family, I decided we needed to make a run for it and get our annual family photos done. It was a bust. The mosquitoes ate us out...but not without me getting a few funny photos (and a couple good ones).  We tried something new and went out to Quarry Park. All that did was just give the mosquitoes more time to eat us.

The trip was a disaster from the start. I forgot a piece to my tripod, so it was useless. I tried to set up my camera and balance it on the stroller all while slapping mosquitoes. Getting my crew into some sort of arrangement proved impossible. We gave up and headed for the parking lot, but I still kept trying along the way.

It was difficult to get Mercy to smile, but when we started singing "Let It Go" (from Disney's Frozen movie), she started singing along...complete with hand motions.

This photo was probably my favorite...if you make it big, you can see the mosquito flying towards his hair. :)

And that was it...time to head for cover!!