Saturday, April 07, 2018

And Now Obadiah is 7

My sweetest little hugger has turned 7!

{He didn't get to see his birthday buddy, Mrs. E, on his birthday, but she left a present hanging for him on the doorknob...he had some for breakfast!}

At 7 years old, Obi
~is in 1st grade
~wears size 7 clothes and size 1.5 shoes (I guess I'd better start shopping for size 2's now).
~enjoys Lego battles with Zeke
~loves to read, especially to his dad at bedtime (Pete the Cat is one favorite)
~loves to email or write letters to family
~loves going to camp with Dad

Eden is 19 years old!

Eden celebrated her 19th birthday last week!

Eden has grown into such a beautiful young woman who I am blessed to call my friend. She has grown and adjusted to the "adult" title very well. In the past year, Eden has grown as a leader at Chick-fil-A (and been promoted). She took a tour of Europe with Kathi...all on her own. She has learned how to budget a real income, pay bills, and save for large purchases (like her entire trip to Europe plus gifts for everyone back home).

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

25 Weeks Pregnant and Other Updates

I feel like the days are moving lightning fast. I made a countdown chain to Mitch's last day of school and immediately cringed the first time we took a chain off. I wish I'd made those strips of paper a little longer. ;)

It's even shorter now! Mitch created an event on Facebook to let people know we are loading the moving truck here on Saturday, April 28th. We'll be unloading at the camp house on Sunday the 29th. Mitch has school up until the 27th, but I could use some help packing during that entire last week of April. To make things even more "fun" I scheduled Eden and Caleb to have their wisdom teeth removed on the Friday and Monday bookending that weekend (taking advantage of our current dental insurance that ends April 30th!!). Laugh. It's funny.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mercy is 5 years old!

Spring is a busy time for birthdays for us! I was so excited to celebrate Mercy's 5th birthday. She is very much ready to be 5 years old.
 It's amazing to me how her looks seem to change. Sometimes I don't think the camera accurately captures her. (I am a little out of practice). She loves to take my cell phone and take videos of herself. Those are hilarious.

At 5 years old, Mercy
~weighs about 37 lbs
~wears size 5T in shirts and pants (but I noticed the other day she has some 4T pants in her drawer still that are getting pretty short! I'll sort through them after we move.)
~wears size 10 shoes...size 11. I just measured. Oops!