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Our Annual Homeschool Roundup

Hey! Long-time, no see! We have enjoyed a short summer here in Central Minnesota--the leaves were barely on the trees at the beginning of June, and now at the end of August they are already turning yellow and falling off. What in the world?! But we have enjoyed our summer, and I have intentionally missed even minimal blogging. That would include not blogging about Malachi, Selah, and Micah's birthdays, Micah's graduation from Skills, as well as Micah and Katie's wedding. All were great! Also, we enjoyed having my nephew, Angel, visit for a good chunk of the summer. We enjoyed numerous trips to the state parks for swimming or programming. Mostly I enjoyed the absence of the pressure of a school-year schedule. These last couple of weeks my thoughts have again turned towards the school year, and I have given much time to planning and preparations for returning us to, hopefully, a "better" schedule.

I love planning and organizing. I love getting "in the zone&quo…
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We are coming to the end of a wonderful day and the end of at least some of the photos I wanted to share from Eden's special day. The reception was a total blast! (pictures may be in mixed-up order)

 {First Dance}
 {Father-Daughter dance...we played "You're My Little Girl" by GoFish because that song was released the year Eden was born and it was one of our favorites. Mitch cried.}
 {Jessie, one of our great photographers!}


A Wedding, part 4, pictures after ceremony

Well, we are amateur photographers. I think it showed mostly when it came to us figuring out which picture to take next. :) As a result, we didn't end up with any extended family photos of Eden's side of the family. But in spite of this glaring shortage of photos, we did get loads of exceptionally good photos, at least in my opinion!

(Unrelated to our photography skills, Micah and Katie were unable to be at Eden's wedding, so that's why they are not in any photos.)

Also most of these photos are unedited. Eden is going to have to do the hard work of selecting out her favorites and then I will process them. 2,700 is too big of a number. These are some of my favorite poses, but may or may not be the exact favorite shot.