Thursday, April 20, 2006

The first coat of primer is almost on! We managed to finish everything except for 2/3 of the ceiling in the family room. Sorry I don't have any pictures, the white primer just isn't all that interesting. Boss man (Mitch) says we will do two coats of primer and two coats of paint, and for me to be thinking about what colors I want...please. Yikes! This is way too hard for me. LOL. I keep changing my mind. We painted for HOURS yesterday after school. I am surprised, but I'm not sore this morning, and I even did the bulk of the ceiling work. Yay!

Finishing the lower level will nearly double our living space. We have been using it some, even though it's unfinished, but it's not the same. We will add a family room bigger than our current living room, a small (10x10) bedroom for Eden, a large master bedroom (not sure on the size) with adjoining office/sitting space (also about 10x10) that opens with french doors! There is a walk-in closet on the master bedroom. A full bathroom, a closet in Eden's room, a linen closet/cat-5 hub (where all our networking cables meet the router), and a game closet in the family room. I'm so excited!! We are also making plans to declutter and simplify our existing living space. We have lots of stuff in storage in the garage and at Mitch's dad's. We are convinced that we probably don't need the majority of this stuff. Unless a better plan hits us, I am thinking that we will have a "quarter" sale and get rid of lots of stuff for just a quarter.

On a sad note, I managed to burn out 2 washing machines yesterday. How I did that I don't know. You might think this really weird (I do), but we actually had a third washing machine in our garage that we were able to hook up so as not to stop the flow. It's considerably smaller and ooooold, but it works! Emptying our house is going to be a good thing, but I'm sure glad I had that washer for "back up", LOL.

My big boy Josh is pulling himself up on everything now. I think that he'll have his first tooth by the end of the week! He is a good kid, but he woke up this morning at 5:30 am, and was happy and playing. I of course had to get up, and wouldn't you know it that he finally got sleepy again--but it was already after we all had to be up for the morning. Tricky little bugger...

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