Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to my sister, Carrie! She is 35 today, and I'm proud to tell it to all of the =) We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Red Lobster (her favorite). She is always a fantastic dinner date, as she truly enjoys herself.

Josh's new diapers are working out well. I am happy that I can add more absorbancy to them. I'm not sure when I'll work on sewing more, but I know I'd better not put it off for too long.

The warm weather has been incredible. I love that the kids are playing outside. I wish that it would be this warm from now until September! Please, please, please?? =) Needless to say, we are enjoying our long easter weekend. It is packed to the hilt with stuff to do, but at least it's all fun stuff. I am totally enjoying myself.

Ah, now for the good news--our basement is pretty much all done as far as mudding goes. Mitch's uncle is going to come down and spray texture for us! Next week!! After that we will paint, then trim, then carpeting...ahhhhh. I'm so excited. I'm nervous about picking out paint colors, but excited too. I can't wait. It will be so nice to have that space fully usable!!

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  1. Hey Steph, you should post a colored photo with baby in your new diapers. I will watch for it. Thanks for the cool custome made boob pads and cute little pouch. Love, me