Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

We have had a fun Easter Sunday. We had to be at church early to watch the two-year-old room during the 9:30 service. Then we went to the 11:00 service. The sermon was excellent!! The music was good too. After church we visited the movie store (Caleb's favorite) before rushing home to get lunch on. Carrie and the girls came over for lunch--Carrie fixing the bulk of it--ham, sweet potatoes, etc. The kids are now having a blast hiding the Easter eggs over and over. We have some Resurrection Eggs, so it was really fun to hide those and then tell the story with the kids. We had Easter baskets for our kids, but they were pretty meager... :) I decided to only give them as much candy as I wouldn't mind eating in one sitting. However I did cringe as Zeke ate all of his bubble gum at one time. I told him he is going to be farting bubbles...hehe...can you imagine me using such a word? ;-) I think that Mitch and I will try to hit some clearance sales and stock up on candy so the kids can visit the "mom store" and spend their allowance in the coming weeks.


  1. Steph,

    What a cute picture. You are always so good at taking family pictures. We definitly need to take lessons from you. What time are you coming tomorrow. Just let me know.

    Love, me

  2. =( I'm sorry I can't come! Our posts must have crossed...I hope you see mine to you over on your blog soon. I would call, but I worry about what time of day, which phone # to call, etc...I have issues, don't I?! It will take us a couple days to decide which day Mitch should take off, then he has to put in his request, and so on, but I will get to come down, even if I have to do it in the evening sometime!!

    Love ya,

  3. Hey Steph,

    thanks for coming over today. It was so nice to have you there and be able to see Jaden. Isn't is amazing what the little heart looks like beating so close to our fingers...

    Hope your drive home was nice.

    Love, me