Saturday, April 15, 2006

Here are the diapers! And my handsome little man, standing already at 7.5 months. I don't like the snaps so much...these diapers are still a little big on Josh (a good thing, so he can grow into them), and the snaps kind of turn and slide funny. Velcro is so much more adjustable! I have some new fabric that is going to be here any day now--fun prints--and so I will wait and make more diapers when it comes. The fleece inside these diapers is sooooooo soft. Makes me kind of

Josh sure is a cutie! He is crawling everywhere. He regularly pulls himself up onto his knees, and he particularly likes to crawl over obstacles in his path--he looks for things to be in his way! He has pulled himself up to a full standing position a couple of times, and he stands really well with support when we help him grab hold of something. He has not figured out how to get back down yet, so he just cries when he's ready. :) We have gotten him to take a few steps--with help, of course. He's not sure what to think about the outside. He's not ready to take off on his own when we set him down, he's much more hesitant! But put him in the living room, and he heads straight for the stairs (thank goodness for gates). Silly boy...

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