Thursday, April 13, 2006

I got a new stash of diapers sewn up for Josh! His size medium stash is getting a little hard to velcro on, and impossible to boost the absorbancy to the level he needs overnight, so I finally bit the bullet and set aside time to work on a new stash. There are 10, and I did a little experimenting with snaps, rolling out the fleece, etc. They all have the envelope style opening. In my experience, I don't even need to unstuff these before washing--they come out all on their own. So I simply remove the diaper and toss in my diaper (water-resistant) bag. If it's soiled, I spray it off into the toilet with my hand bidet (I have the sanicare 500). I will probably need about 10 more, but I will save those for playing around with my pattern, new fabrics, or to try out other ideas that come up. I tried to upload a photo, but get a "page cannot be displayed" message...oh well.

I also am excited because I got to spend 7 hours scrapbooking yesterday!! I was invited to Creative Escapes in St. Cloud, a small day retreat center. I LOVED this place! The owners were very friendly and accomodating. They were around to grab us anything we needed, even unloading our vehicles for us. My first thoughts were, "they are not charging enough money for this service!" They have lots of tools available for use in the rooms, great table space, excellent lighting, wonderful snacks, a computer with internet access, special journaling software and a printer so you can print off journaling if you wish, and the list goes on. If you'd like to get away, I totally recommend it. For more info, please see their website,

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