Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nothing Exciting

Nothing exciting has been going on here. I did start sewing up a whole new stash of diapers to list on ebay, but since they're not done yet, it's not too exciting. We have still been painting and working hard at getting it done. I like the way it looks so far. Mitch says he thinks we will have to do another coat, which means we'll have to buy more paint. yuck...the end result will be worth it though right??

Sal dropped Ethan off at daycare today, just after I had checked Steph G's blog, so I pulled up the picture of Ethan holding Jaden and said to all the kids, "Look what I found! Come here!" So they all ran over to the computer to see and Ethan shouted, "There's Jaden!" I said it must be Jaden's first day at daycare. =) They all thought he was so cute, and I snapped this picture.

Please continue to pray for Jaden. Eating is a huge hurdle that he has to overcome before he will be able to join his family at home.

Lastly, I snapped this cute picture of Josh. Mitch stuck him in the laundry tub while he was cleaning out paint rollers. It got us a few minutes of peace. =) Check out that beautiful blue wall!


  1. Thanks again for all of your wonderful help and support!!!!!

    Really cute pictures. I love the info from the horny toad men in the 1800's. I can not believe someone could have that many kids and that they were all healthy enough to survive. Wow...

    Love, me