Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sound Off

Well look at that! There's a counter at the bottom of my page now!! I actually figured it out myself, but not after a few mistakes...

Oh, and I see that Steph & Sal are on my contributors list!! Hurray!

I've been trying to come up with things that I could sound off about, but I've been afraid that someone who knows me irl would read this and then know what I really think, lol. Oh well...

I sewed Eden a new dress. It turned out really nice. Now I'm on a kick since I have a serger that I'm thinking I may venture out and sew her some more clothes. The girl loves skirts, and I will commend the stores for making more skirts that have the shorts sewn in underneath, but they are all still TOO SHORT!! I mean, I picked up a skirt for her the other day and it was a little too big yet in the waist, but her finger tips are already hanging below the length of the skirt. So by the time it fits in the waist, it will be uncompromisingly too short. So I was thinking that maybe I should sew my own...then it can be as long as we want! Sounds like I found something to sound off about, huh? =)


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  2. let me try again:
    Amen to that! I have a little skirt-wearer and have the same problem! My solution? Buy ladies thrift store skirts and cut them down/take them in. Then what was a knee-ish length ladies skirt is an ankle length girls skirt (shes a 6x or so)

    Don't know if you'll ever see this, lol, I've been digging in your blog :)