Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Whaaa Hooo! Our basement is now textured!! As you can see, Mitch had a lot of fun learning how to use the texturing machine. I think all of us had at least some flecks of mud on our faces, in our hair, and covering our clothes...hehe. Mitch's uncle showed him how to do it in the closet in Eden's room, then basically handed it over to Mitch and he did the entire basement. Mitch did awesome!! I went down to look at it this morning and it looks so good.

I was thinking that this would mean that our journey was almost over, but now I realize the long road ahead of us. I can't wait to go get primer and get started, but after priming, then we have to paint, then there's a whole lot more of that pine to do, then trim, and then finally carpeting. Yuck! Maybe this will take forever?? All of the pine and trim will need to be stained and finished with polyurethane, so that will be a chore in itself. How many coats of primer and paint will that be? It will be many a long nights of paint rolling I guess.

My new diaper fabric arrived in the mail yesterday and it looks fabulous. It's going to make cute diapers if I ever get time to get back to my sewing machine again... Lets not even talk about how my album projects are going!

Our long Easter weekend was so fantastic. Monday was the icing on the cake when I got to travel to the cities to see my friend Steph Gonzalez and her family. Their little Jaden is nothing short of miraculous. I was so nervous driving down, but after I left I felt like I was walking on clouds the rest of the day. He was so perfect and so precious!!

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  1. Hey Steph! I found your blog on the TOK board, aren't they fun?? I scrapbook too, I would love to see some LO's you've done- are you a member of www.twopeasinabucket.com? That's a great place for us scrapbookers, you can scan in your LO's, post them and have people check them out and praise them, there's also message boards and stuff there too. Well nice to "see" you again, love the pics of your fam!! Take care--