Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crabby Baby!!

The past few days at our house with Josh have not been fun...he has been a real crab! Clingy, tired, just not himself. We have done everything we could just to get away from him for a few minutes. Carrie took Josh and Zeke for 3 hours yesterday afternoon and I got ALL of the rest of the boards stained in the basement! Mitch got a good number of them put on the walls, until he ran out of dry ones and we had to stop for a late afternoon lunch. Today we are supposed to work more.

I am sooooo tired! And I have two of my own BIG projects I am working on. (Here's a secret--I finally printed up pictures so that I can send updated album pages to my loving family members back home!! Mom and Dad, yours are coming! I wanted to have them done in time for Mother's Day, but I didn't make it. Bummer!)

I mentioned it was raining on Friday. It's still raining. How many straight days? Four at least, I can't remember. So we are doing all this staining, etc, in the basement with the windows closed. *choke* If you stop by, please don't worry, they're going to pack us up and send us to the funny farm later.

We got out last night, all seven of us. That usually only happens on Sunday mornings and special occasions! We took the kids to the thrift store to get some new clothes. We told them they could buy whatever they wanted with their allowance money and we would pay for 1/2 of it. Unfair that they would have to buy their own clothes? Not the way I see it. They were blowing their money on candy literally every week and then I noticed how cruddy Micah's teeth looked and that's when I did the "inspection" after brushing and discovered Eden's cavity a few weeks ago.

No, I don't think we're being unfair at all. Teaching our kids responsibility, that's much better. Micah got 7 items and Eden got 9 items, and both spent $16 of their own money. I teased Daddy and said that Eden did better because I was shopping with her, and had been well-trained by my grandmother. He complained that he didn't know that the green tags were 1/2 off. =P

Micah did score an excellent Columbia jacket. For some reason it was only priced $7.99 (many other jackets we saw were priced much higher, even up to $20 for a used coat!). It has two parts, so it can zip apart for two lighter/summer jackets. He was thrilled. Still think it's unfair? That only cost him $4. And the lesson that we all spent total $80 on lots and lots of clothes which is the cost of ONE new Columbia jacket was absolutely priceless.

At one point in the trip Micah said to me, "I don't really like buying these clothes." I asked him why. "Because they have been used already." I took that opportunity to pull a beautiful pair of pants off the rack and point out that the only difference between those and the new ones at Sears is the amazing price difference--they both look the same after 1 washing. You just have to look for the treasures, not all the clothes there are worth our money! He did great and picked out several shirts, which I know he had been needing.

Of course during this whole trip crabby baby cried and was passed back and forth between me and Daddy. I will say that Daddy did most of the watching of Zeke and Josh so that I could immerse myself in finding good deals---it's a good thing, too, because I think it takes a LOT of focus to do that kind of shopping. I can't even talk on the phone while bargain hunting!

The Columbia jacket was the cream of our trip. Mitch said Eden may have got more stuff for the same price, but "Micah wins." I did too. A couple weeks ago I was there and found 2 skirts that I liked. I got a phone call while I was there, and decided that I needed to leave immediately. I took one look at the VERY long line and sighed and put my skirts back on the rack...I don't really need them. I decided to check to see if they were still there, and to my amazement they were. And guess what? One of them had a green I got 1/2 off! =D

Well crabby baby had a bad night. He came into our bed sometime in the middle of the night...not sure when as I was exhausted and Mitch lovingly fetched him for me. Something must have given way, because he started to feel better overnight. He woke up in the middle of the night again, in our bed, but failed to let me know that he was awake and feeling better. LOL. That was short-lived. He soon crawled right off our bed and fell to the concrete floor wedged between the bed and the wall. Now, before you get worried, it's not as bad as it sounds. All of our kids have fallen at some point. Even Dr. Greene states it. Their little noggins are pretty sound. And I will take precautions so that it doesn't happen again. BUT even though he was pretty mad afterwards, a quick nursing took care of the attitude. He woke up in a GREAT mood and is finally crawling and happy and playing by himself. He's sporting a small bruise, but not even so much as a bump, on his forehead. He doesn't seem any worse for the wear!

It is Mother's Day today! I love both of my moms--my mother who gave me life and my wonderful step-mother who took me as her own and helped me through those hard teen years! I know that God had a special plan for my life because he took a bad situation (divorce) and worked it out for good in me. I am who I am because of both of these women and the intricate way our lives are woven together. My step-mom will always be my "mom" too and has fully earned that right, even though she never had to! I honor both of them on this day and every day!!

Well, I'd better quit rambling. As I sat here typing, everyone around me is waking up and getting ready for church. I sent Caleb downstairs to wake up Daddy and he did and came back. Just now as Daddy came up the stairs I heard a "Whoa!" I turned to see him just stopping Josh from taking a tumble down the stairs...Caleb had left the gate open when he came back up. makes ordinary life seem dull!


  1. Hey Steph,

    I can't thank you enough for continuouly watching Ethan for me. I can't wait until things settle down. Then I will be checking the blog all of the time waiting for something new to write.

    Love your basement. me

  2. Hey Steph :)

    We've had a crabby baby too! I can so feel your frustration! And, we had an issue with an open child safety gate at the top of the stairs... unfortunately I didn't see Levi until he was about a third of the way down the stairs -- and then he became airborne. I don't know HOW I got to the bottom of the stairs as fast as I did!! Thankfully a trip to the chiropractor fixed what little was wrong (except for the bruise by his eye, and on his cheek).

    Kids certainly do keep you on their toes don't they!

    Heading off to post to my own blog now :)

    Love ya!

  3. Hey Steph,

    Hope you enjoy today. It looks like the sun may come out again. I am sitting on my couch with a blanket because it is still so cold in the middle of May. Where is our warmth?

    My aunt Karen(dad's sister and same family as my g-ma who passed away 2 yrs ago from brain cancer and g-pa who died a year ago from lung cancer) just found out she has breast cancer. She has already gotten one surgery and is doing 6wks of chemo.

    She has started a blog. You can get to her from my site by clicking on Karen. I am sure she would love to see your beautiful smile pop up on her site. Plus your words of insight (that everyone totally loves) would be nice if you would like to pray and visit her with us on her site.

    Better go and help Ethan with the computer.

    Love, me