Sunday, May 07, 2006

Eden's Teeth...or lack of!

Eden pulled 3 of her teeth in 2 days. I had been encouraging her to really give them a good wiggle for weeks now. Her top front teeth had been purposefully filed down by the dentist to help correct her bite, and they had significantly worn down fairly small. I just couldn't wait for them to finally come out! During a regular "inspection" after brushing a couple weeks ago, I discovered a small cavity in one of her molars. I took her in to the dentist, who was giving me high-fives as he filled it. =) Ah, but he made no suggestions as to the wiggly teeth that did not come out. Well, Eden finally found some brave motivation somewhere deep inside her (I think it was the promise of $1 per tooth, or maybe it was the opportunity to have a space she could fit a straw through), and she pulled out the first one on my instruction of which way to bend and pull. That really got things rolling, and she pulled out the next one. Then the next day she came home and said she'd really like to get her other bottom lateral incisor out, so I encouraged her again. It didn't fall out quite as easily, and she started to get discouraged. I told her it really wasn't a big deal, but I think she wanted to impress her teacher. I'm looking at my baby girl's beautiful smile and pondering many things. Mostly now I understand why my mom called us "snaggle puss" when we were little! The picture is right after she lost the top two teeth. Now she is saying she can't wait for her new teeth to come in...sheesh

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