Monday, May 01, 2006

Everything in our basement now has a first coat of paint, except for two small closets. We invested in MORE paint and started doing second coats. Mitch made good progress on Saturday, and we used Sunday as a day of rest.

It is amazing to watch Zeke (who is 2.5 years old) and Josh (who is 8 months old) interact as brothers. Josh just adores Zeke. His eyes follow him all over and he laughs at just about any funny move that Zeke makes. When he's down on the floor, Josh will follow Zeke all over as best as he can. Zeke loves Josh, too. This morning when he woke up, Josh was the first person that Zeke ran to give a hug to. As if fueled by Josh's laughter, Zeke's antics get louder and sillier. This is not without mishaps, of course. I once read a study that said even little babies can hold a grudge (I wish I could remember where I read the study). I remember the conclusions were that big brothers and sisters should "look out." If it's true, Josh seems to forgive Zeke fairly easily. =)

I got my hair cut this weekend. It had been since December, so I felt it was due time. Because it had been so long, I felt that 2 inches was not too much. Unfortunately, I'm not all that thrilled with it. In fact, I remember it being a tad to short in December, and I think that's exactly what I got back to. Oh well. I asked her to trim my bangs to my eyebrows. They loom well above my brows, and I think that's what aggravates me the most. :( It's hair. It grows, thank goodness. Doesn't matter, I rarely style it anyways. LOL Mitch said that next time I can skip the cheap cut and go to see my friend at JcPenney instead. It will probably be a while before I need it though.

When will the rain stop? We have enough now, I think. The pond in my back yard has swelled to overflowing. At least it makes our sign look good. This is a picture that was taken last year, but you get the idea. I sure hope the sun is shining like this soon!


  1. Zeke has got some wild hair going on. I love it. Nice flood. Hey, since you love to research, Jaden gets the hiccups all the time. Has since in my tummy. Can you tell me why we get hiccups and what organ is used and if this could be a sign of any type of problem or issue. Gotta go let me know.
    LOve, me

  2. Steph G,

    I've always been told that hiccups don't bother babies the way they bother us as adults. Victory was like that, and now (at 2) she hardly ever gets them.

    Steph T,

    I'm so bummed that I can't get any Aplix yet... I am really excited to get started on this project! :)


  3. thanks for the fast response in hiccups. The article about nursing that you just posted was a good one.