Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby!

Mitch is going to ValleyFair!!!
For weeks he has been bugging Mrs. Froemming, his principal. He says, "May 24th is my 30th birthday...that happens to coincide with the senior-high field trip to ValleyFair." She has done her best to ignore him. He would call down to the office and leave messages, leave messages on her desk and in her box, and even got friends/coworkers to petition on his behalf. :) The secondary principal, Mr. Castilleja, tried his best to persuade Mrs. Froemming. Some of the secondary staff offered their seats/tickets to Mitch. It was a lot of fun. She stood her ground and still said, "no." Mr. Castilleja even suggested that Mitch take a personal day or call in sick, "I've got a ticket for you," he laughed. Now Mrs. Froemming was not being unreasonable. You have to understand that my hubby is a bit of a jokester. They were all having a good round of laughs. Seriously. A couple days ago Mrs. Froemming asked Mitch, "Why would you want to go? Those rides just make me sick. You couldn't pay me to go!" Mitch said, "I would go even if I couldn't ride any rides. I really enjoy hanging out with the guys." That was when she knew he was serious. So I got a call yesterday morning. She asked me what my plans were and let me know that they were trying to get things to fall into place so that she could surprise Mitch if I was willing to let him go for the day and if it wouldn't interfere with my plans. (Plans, what plans??). I was on cloud nine. She told me to wait until this morning to tell him. So even going to bed last night Mitch was bumming around. I could tell he was feeling down. He mumbled something about wishing he could go on the trip. I could hardly contain myself. I told him to get over it. Hahaha. I was so excited to wake him up this morning and tell him, "Happy Birthday, and here's your present: you're going to ValleyFair!" Always needing to have the last word, he throws the blankets back over his head and says, "I'm not going." LOL. Once it sunk in, he got dressed in his shorts, etc, but put his "work" clothes on over top--dockers and a LONG SLEEVE dress shirt (never mind how hot it actually is in his 3rd-floor classroom). He wanted to walk in to morning devotions and pretend that he was not planning on going. Always the jokester...
I can't wait to hear how his day goes. The skies are threatening rain and thunderstorms, but I KNOW he'll have fun no matter what. He'll be "with the guys." :)


  1. I am so bad with secrets... I don't know if I could have waited until this morning if it had been me with Tim! LOL

    I'm sure he'll have fun, and the weather isn't looking too bad... at least not here :)


  2. I am sure he had a blast today at Valleyfair. Happy Birthday Mitch. I know he does not read this but thought I would say it anyway.

    Talk to you later.

  3. He does too read it!! I often "make" him sit down and dig through all my musings, ROFL. :D
    Yep, he loves me.