Friday, May 19, 2006

Since I have been a downer for a couple days here, I think I'll try to show a little more of my dominant positive self today. =)

First of all, the best news is so far we are not throwing up at our house. So if Victory and Levi had anything to share while they were at my house on Wednesday it would seem that we have (so far) been spared. Breathe a sigh of relief, Kristin!

Second, I am so pleased at how well cute little Jaden is doing. I am confident that one of these days Mitch is going to give in to my nagging and watch the kids for a while so I can go over and finally get my turn holding him! We're just going to make sure that no one is vomiting here first. Oh yeah, and I'll probably have to call Steph (but we've already talked enough about how hard it is for me to do that...LOL...I'm just exaggerating!)

Third, did you know that blogger has spell check? It's really easy to use, and it helped me spell "exaggerating" properly. =) Although, it had to learn "Steph" and "Jaden." LOL

I have gained a couple pounds. Oops, I said positive didn't I? Ok, well Mitch has lost a few pounds. :) I can't wait until he stops starving himself and eats again. haha, just kidding. Actually I am now his "coach" and I have him on a strict regiment where I do not let him skip meals and he has to eat snacks in between times. It is his responsibility to control portion sizes, but hopefully this will raise his metabolism. Did you know that the FDA Food Pyramid says that he should eat more calories in a day than I should? Good thing I've always hated that stooopid pyramid. I'd be starving Josh if I only ate 1800 calories in a day. Forget the fact that I've gained a couple pounds. Did I really say that? Ok, it's the late night chocolate chip cookies. I confess. I guess Josh didn't really need them... but there should be a question on that mypryamid site for pregnant or nursing moms. Really.
Ok, on with the list. Let's see...we're up to fifth now. I'm having a scrapbooking workshop at my house tonight. Mitch is taking the kids out and letting me and my friends take over the house. Yay!!! I have the album pages for my mom and step-mom almost completely done. Just have to finish journaling. There are 95 pictures each and 11 sheets/22 album pages. They turned out beautiful and didn't really take that much time. It gave me hope for catching up with my own projects.
Sixth, the fabric store had a nice sale. I bought some more diapering fabric, and some fabric to make Eden another dress. It will be my first time sewing a knit garment on my serger. I'm soooo excited to try.
Seventh, whew these numbers are getting tacky...last night I made a really yummy supper--cubed steak baked in brown gravy, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob--my mom Janet would be so proud...she's the one who taught me! I even stayed up late after the kids were in bed, baking cookies. I think that should earn a couple of bonus points. :)
Oh boy, oh boy. I've gotta run for now. Things are getting sillier by the minute. Zeke thinks the animal crackers on the table are an all-you-can-eat buffet. In fact, he thinks Tom's shirt is a buffet by the looks of it (I just caught him trying to bite the shirt, not the kid, just the shirt)...
Have a great weekend!

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