Monday, May 08, 2006

Sound Off

I don't know if I've said it or not, but I'm working through reading the Lord of the Rings books again. I'm a little over half-way through. The truth is, I loved the movies before I loved the books. The first time I picked up the books, I was quickly overwhelmed and got bored as I had a hard time following along. The next time I decided to plow through them, and I mainly focused on getting the basics down...skipping the geographical details which I found hard to follow. This time I have found it much much easier to follow along, and I read with my thumb holding the place to the map so that I can flip back and forth trying to navigate my way through Middle Earth. What's the use you say?? Well for one, I feel like I'm getting smarter. =) No, really! It makes me sad that 11 year olds can read this and comprehend better than I can, so if nothing else I am stretching my reading comprehension!!

Ok, so now I want to sound off for a bit. I loved the movies first, I really did. But I had some unanswered questions and I wanted to read the books to find the answers...that's a redeeming point--the movies led me to discover the books. The first time I read the books, I decided that PJ had changed very little in making the movies. So much for reading comprehension! On my second journey through the books, I've realized that MUCH has been changed. Anyone who would speak otherwise probably comprehends as much of the books as I did the first time I went through them. So what is a person to do? If you enjoy the movies, then I recommend you find time to read the books because if you don't you are truly missing out. It is possible to enjoy both. But I don't have the same love for the movies that I did before.  It is still quite possible to find some amount of depth in the movies. In spite of the limitations, they are a helpful visual aid if you do go on to read the books...just don't let the movies be a hindrance. I never understood that when my high school lit teachers would tell me that, but now I think I do!

More quotes to come!!


  1. OK we are not home yet :-( The word is first thing in the AM. I will call you when we are all settled.

  2. you think you will ever really feel "settled?" I will certainly be praying that you will, and I can't wait to talk to you!