Friday, May 05, 2006

Still nothing exciting...

Josh got his first tooth almost 2 weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure he's working on the second one. His sleep schedule has been all out of whack, and I want to blame teething, but then I don't want to either. Night before last was looooong and terrible with him waking up several times. Last night was much better, we went for a walk at 7 and he fell asleep in the stroller. He slept until 9:30, then woke up and nursed and went back to sleep within an hour. He slept in his bed all night until almost 5 am, then he decided he was up to play. :( I let him play on the floor while I dozed on the couch, and eventually he crawled over to me and we cuddled up and fell back asleep until the alarm clock woke up the big kids. It wasn't long enough!

My auctions ended well. Mitch and I are trying to decide if we should do more. We are praying for an answer. I could easily sew more diapers, or I could just as easily push my CM business to the next level. (Got a little anxiety problem holding me back). Mitch is looking for a summer job, but so far nothing seems to be jumping out at us. I hate to give him up for the summer. It's always fun to have him around, and to be able to plan trips, or just days off, without worrying.

Josh is officially "cruising." I caught him walking around the dining room table holding on the to the backs of the chairs the other night. There are a few toys that he will pull up on and "push" around the room now, too. I am so amazed and his motivation!

Mitch worked mostly alone on the painting this week, as it seemed that I didn't have as much time to pull away from watching the kids. We still have a tiny closet to go and the ceiling in the bathroom. We are painting it white, so he stopped by the waste place and got some more free paint. =) Next we will finish the pine boards for the walls and then it's on to trim! He says that the pine boards will be easy--I sure hope so. We usually work as a team, one person spreading glue and the other (preferably Mitch) with the air nailer--what a blessing that we have that! Mitch always works better with someone at his side. It has taken me a long time to get this, but it's the way he is made and I should be honored that he wants me to be there with him!

That's enough for today, I have a lot of end of the month stuff that I still need to finish up if I do anything else productive today!


  1. I can relate completely to a spouse who likes to have "company" when completing a task! There are many times when I end up standing in the shed/shop visiting with him because he doesn't have anything I can really help with, but wants me to just be there.

    I guess I don't mind too much because it gives me an "excuse" to not do the housework :) I work much better with someone else (and adult!!) around too. Anytime I have a friend over and can visit while I do dishes or fold laundry or sweep the floor, I get a lot more done and actually enjoy it!

    Okay, I guess I should be posting this on MY blog instead of hogging yours :)

    See you in the morning!


  2. Janet Sutphin5/07/2006 8:12 AM

    Steph, I love your blog!! Now I can keep up to date and see new pics of my babie. Love Mom

  3. Mom!!! I'm so glad you stopped by to read my blog! We love you too!

    Steph & All