Wednesday, May 10, 2006

They are so cute!

Why are kids so cute?
I hope this keeps up!!


  1. Don't stop! :)

    I keep thinking the same thing about all mine (and then they'll do some COMPLETELY BONE-HEADED THING and I'll remember why - so far - God has only entrusted me with four!! LOL)

    Love ya!

    Oh, and in case you didn't see my comment on Steph G.'s blog, I GOT TO HOLD JADEN :)


  2. Hey Steph!!
    Everytime you post pictures of your kids, I'm thinking - "WOW he/she looks like Steph". Then I look again and I think "WOW - he/she looks like Mitch". I think your children are perfect little combinations of you two. Hope you're doing well!!! All is well in Rose Vegas.

    Sonya B.

  3. Hey Sonya! Thanks for coming to read my blog!! I am honored to have you here. =) Good to hear everything is good back home, I sure do miss it. I am trying to talk Mitch in to coming down this summer, but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for the long trip and high gas prices either. ;-)

  4. You know, Steph, if you come to VA this summer, you have to make a pit stop in KY!!!!!! :o)

    Would love to see you!!!

  5. Sorry...... Meant to put my name!