Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're Back

Thank you everyone for your prayers! We had a safe trip to TN and back. My sister will have to go back at the end of summer, but this bridge has been crossed for now. The highlight of our short, unannounced visit was getting to see family in Virginia and Tennessee. My sister has all the pictures, but when I get them from her I will post some. The weather was beautiful and the mountains were gorgeous, as always. I literally hung my head out the window and breathed the fresh air as we drove through the mountains. The honeysuckle was in full bloom and smelled absolutely delicious! It covered everything. The neat thing about honeysuckle is you can pluck a flower from the bush, and then pull the bottom and the stem comes out of the middle pulling along with it a delectable drop of golden nectar. You can eat it--yum!!! Unfortunately, it is a pesky plant. We were so blessed to visit with family members, however short it was, on such short notice. The trip back in our un-airconditioned car was hard and hot. We are glad to be home!! Josh cut one of his top teeth on the trip, and had diarrhea. Mitch worked hard at home to surprise me with quite a few projects. Hats off to my wonderful hubby!!
Pictures will come...

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  1. I'm so glad you're back :) Can't wait to see the pictures! I haven't seen yellow honeysuckle before... only the red/pink and yellow. That necture sure is yummy! :)

    Of course, I forgot my camera for the fieldtrip today, so no pictures, but we did have a good day :) Levi even behaved for the most part!

    Missed you at singing tonight! If you are still interested, we're planning on singing on June 25. I can get you copies of the music if you'd like :) And Steph G too... forgot to mention it when I commented on her blog.

    Love ya!