Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sewing Projects

My sewing machine is keeping busy these days! I recently got some new fabric and made a new pattern for a one-size fitted diaper that I loved. So I was raring to go, and I cut out SIXTEEN diapers!! I have 8 of them nearly completed and another 8 close behind. It is definitely a tall order. The one-size diapers are nice because they will fit small, medium and large (I have a picture of 3 diapers that are the same size, but snapped for each of the different size ranges.) They will fit babies from 11 lbs to 35 lbs. They have two different snap-in soakers, making the absorbancy and thickness of the diaper adjustable based on the baby's needs.

Here is one of my favorites out of this lot...a fishy!

I also went through the kids clothes and selected pants with holes in the knees and have cut them off for shorts. They are cut and pinned, now I only need to stitch the hem and they're back in service!

I also have been teaching my friend Kristin to sew the diapers. It has been so much fun to help someone else get excited! And a store in town is going to let me teach a class there in August. Ohhhh, I hope people sign up for it!! :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Creation v. Evolution

Q: Is the topic of origins important when witnessing to non-Christians?
A: It’s absolutely important to understand that evolution is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When Ken Ham visited Edinburgh, Scotland, a number of university students came up after he had given a lecture on creation and said, “We suddenly realized something tonight. When we’re trying to witness to non-Christians at the university, they always bring up the same two questions.”

Ken stopped them and said, “I can tell you what those two questions are about: creation/evolution and death and suffering.”

“Yes,” they said, in surprise, “they’re the two that come up over and over again. But we’ve been told by our churches to ignore those questions and just tell them about Jesus dying for their sins on the Cross.”

Then they said, “What you’re telling us is that we need to deal with those questions to show that we can give answers for what we believe. We need to show them that evolution is not a proven fact, so they will listen when we talk about the gospel message.”

Precisely. We need to answer these “stumbling block” questions in order to witness effectively to non-Christians.

I got this in an email, and I sure wish I could post a reference, but it didn't have one. Answers in Genesis is the best source I can offer, and there you will find more by Ken Ham, who is, in my opinion, an excellent speaker/author.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

We had a wonderful time with the Bondy's here! They arrived at around 5 pm on Wednesday and stayed through Friday morning. We bummed around the house all day Thursday, and after lunch split into two groups--one went to the park, and the other went shopping. Both groups got to see old friends, that was really fun. We met back at the Munsinger gardens and took some pics. Thursday night we had a cookout and a nice reunion with friends from our days at Sauk Rapids Alliance Church. It was so fun to see everyone! It was fun to show off our basement too. =) We finished the evening with a special screening of the "Grace Under Fire" movie. (Yes, that will be out on DVD soon!) We were so blessed to have them come stay with us.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Trim Work & French Doors

After months... no, years, of dreaming about what our basement would look like finished, we are finally seeing it happen. For years we have given people the "tour" of the basement and explained our hopes and dreams. "And here we will have french doors opening in to the sitting room off of the master bedroom." It was a really neat moment on Friday night when Mitch called me down to look for the first time at the french doors hanging in their positions. We finished the painting weeks ago, and picked out trim. That meant more imagination. Some of the corners are really tricky, and Mitch is doing an AWESOME job of figuring it out. Today our friend Brian is over helping. Friday and Saturday his mom put in long hours helping get it all stained and finished. Thanks for the help everyone!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

After hours of work by Mitch, and help from a few other people, the wood board is on all the walls and it has 2 coats of polyacrylic finish. We began the overwhelming task of finishing all the trim, but Mitch came up with a neat drying system (think: lincoln logs) that allowed us to take on the hundreds of feet of trim. It is all sanded, tacked, and stained. Tomorrow morning we will begin the work of adding 2 coats of polyacrylic, which may take most of the day. We are doing well! Trying to get ready for the Bondy's to come...also the sooner we get the staining and finishing done on everything, the sooner we can get carpet---yay!!!

God helps those who can't help themselves...

I was on the way home the other night and I heard the familiar music for "Insight for Living" play and then Chuck Swindoll's cheery voice. He said, have you ever chuckled as someone said, "my favorite Bible verse is 'God helps those who help themselves.'" Well, that's pretty much paraphrased, but I can't find the clip to link you to it anywhere. First of all, that's not a Bible verse, though it is commonly quoted as one. The reality is, Chuck continued, is that God helps those who can't help themselves. And what a wonderful blessing that is!!

What could you use some help with?

We have been trying for years to get out of credit card debt. It seems that for every thousand dollars that we pay off, two thousand more find us. What do we spend it on? Car repairs, home improvements, appliances, 'big ticket' items. Are they all necessary? no. But we keep plodding along, working and paying, and praying. We hope that at some point God will bring us relief, or that we will learn the lesson that we need to learn! We can't help ourselves with this enormous mountain in front of us. We have tried! Thank God for His wonderful grace and forgiveness. Is that a license to live in sin (or to go further into debt)? Of course not, but we do know that no matter what, no matter how long it takes us to learn the lesson, He will love us and forgive us. We try to do a little better each day. We know that He loves us, because in spite of our many faults we are surrounded by incredible blessings! Our lives are already such a testimony to His grace, and I can see that as we move forward in the future it will be even more so.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm busy.

LOL...does that count as a blog entry? Well, perhaps not. It has been crazy busy here this week. I can hardly get anything done it seems for all the different directions I feel pulled. I wish I could lock myself in a room and just work on diapers, and so I think that is the biggest part of my trouble. There's much more to my life than diapers!! Mitch says he is going to be home tomorrow, so I asked him to hold me accountable to getting paperwork done for CM and Daycare. I'm getting too far behind, and we all know what a pib that can be later! I also need to catch up on emails and phone calls. Sad but true. I am not afraid of the phone, and we are not going to start all that over again, lol, it's just a matter of laziness...

Ok, I'm going away until I can think of something more interesting to write about...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Steph, I hope you don't mind that I posted this on your blog. I saw it and loved it. I thought of you and your love for little babies. Plus, these feet look like Jaden's. Love you, Steph

Saturday, June 03, 2006

View of the Appalachias from Ewing, VA

Mom (Cindy) and Lee

Bobby (brother) and Jess

Jess (steph-sister), Janet (step-mom), and Julia (step-niece)

Dad (Jim)--everyone was impressed with the matching hairdos.

The Bondys:Lindsay, Deana, Josiah, Troy, Travis, Megan