Friday, June 16, 2006

God helps those who can't help themselves...

I was on the way home the other night and I heard the familiar music for "Insight for Living" play and then Chuck Swindoll's cheery voice. He said, have you ever chuckled as someone said, "my favorite Bible verse is 'God helps those who help themselves.'" Well, that's pretty much paraphrased, but I can't find the clip to link you to it anywhere. First of all, that's not a Bible verse, though it is commonly quoted as one. The reality is, Chuck continued, is that God helps those who can't help themselves. And what a wonderful blessing that is!!

What could you use some help with?

We have been trying for years to get out of credit card debt. It seems that for every thousand dollars that we pay off, two thousand more find us. What do we spend it on? Car repairs, home improvements, appliances, 'big ticket' items. Are they all necessary? no. But we keep plodding along, working and paying, and praying. We hope that at some point God will bring us relief, or that we will learn the lesson that we need to learn! We can't help ourselves with this enormous mountain in front of us. We have tried! Thank God for His wonderful grace and forgiveness. Is that a license to live in sin (or to go further into debt)? Of course not, but we do know that no matter what, no matter how long it takes us to learn the lesson, He will love us and forgive us. We try to do a little better each day. We know that He loves us, because in spite of our many faults we are surrounded by incredible blessings! Our lives are already such a testimony to His grace, and I can see that as we move forward in the future it will be even more so.

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