Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm busy.

LOL...does that count as a blog entry? Well, perhaps not. It has been crazy busy here this week. I can hardly get anything done it seems for all the different directions I feel pulled. I wish I could lock myself in a room and just work on diapers, and so I think that is the biggest part of my trouble. There's much more to my life than diapers!! Mitch says he is going to be home tomorrow, so I asked him to hold me accountable to getting paperwork done for CM and Daycare. I'm getting too far behind, and we all know what a pib that can be later! I also need to catch up on emails and phone calls. Sad but true. I am not afraid of the phone, and we are not going to start all that over again, lol, it's just a matter of laziness...

Ok, I'm going away until I can think of something more interesting to write about...


  1. That counts... LOL

    Maybe I should just put that on my blog!

    Actually, I've got some great bug pictures that I think I'll post... I've been watching them for a couple days and think I have it figured out. Read my blog for more info! (When you're not so busy of course! LOL)


  2. Well, I'll be...

    I guess I learned more about html tags than I thought

    You can post links in the comments section. Here is a site that explains how... you have to use the < A - command

  3. It is funny you used the phrase "crazy busy." I have only heard my dad say that before. I laughed when I read it. Of course I was in my dillusional (sp) state of sleeplessness. I want you to take more then just the feet pictures of our family. I want family pictures. Can you do it at all this week? I want to get one done for my dad for fathers day.

  4. Hey Steph, we have to decorate our room for VBS on Wednesday at lunch time. Do you think I could drop Ethan off with you. I will bring Ashley to help with Jaden. I don't want to be there all day because I will need to get home to look beautiful for our family pictures. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes, you can drop Ethan off on Wednesday at lunch time. =)

  6. Ya know, Steph, I've heard YOU say "crazy busy"...