Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sewing Projects

My sewing machine is keeping busy these days! I recently got some new fabric and made a new pattern for a one-size fitted diaper that I loved. So I was raring to go, and I cut out SIXTEEN diapers!! I have 8 of them nearly completed and another 8 close behind. It is definitely a tall order. The one-size diapers are nice because they will fit small, medium and large (I have a picture of 3 diapers that are the same size, but snapped for each of the different size ranges.) They will fit babies from 11 lbs to 35 lbs. They have two different snap-in soakers, making the absorbancy and thickness of the diaper adjustable based on the baby's needs.

Here is one of my favorites out of this lot...a fishy!

I also went through the kids clothes and selected pants with holes in the knees and have cut them off for shorts. They are cut and pinned, now I only need to stitch the hem and they're back in service!

I also have been teaching my friend Kristin to sew the diapers. It has been so much fun to help someone else get excited! And a store in town is going to let me teach a class there in August. Ohhhh, I hope people sign up for it!! :)


  1. Hey... I already took your class, or I'd sign up! LOL


  2. Steph,

    I think you should start a baby product line. I am serious and not laughing.

    Diapers, nursing pads, swimming diapers, nursing bras, burp cloths, bibs, changing pads (to go in diaper bag and on changing tables. You could come up with even more ideas. You could have your own ebay store and sell your line of stuff. You could package things to help them save money but yet you sell more.

    I have been looking for swim diapers for Jaden re-usable or disposable and can only find as little as 13lbs. I can't believe how little they have for little babies. You could see tons of stuff this way. How cool would that be. We are going to my moms this weekend and then on to Duluth where there is a waterpark where we are staying and Jaden has a swim diaper that will be way to big. You should really ponder the idea or make one or two and see how they sell.

    The nursing pads you made for me are working great. My only complaint is they are to small in circumfrence (sp). With my nursing bras, you can see the ring around the bood through my shirt. Call for better explanation.

    I would shop your store....

  3. I've been working on my own nursing pads, and am having the same problem... you can see where it's at. Actually, I have ONE bra it fits in great, but I really need to work on a better design!

    As for a swim diaper... I've been thinking about this, and was kind of wondering if using a pocket diaper (without the soakers) would work as a swim diaper? The big deal is just keeping the the "solids" in, not the pee... that's what the chlorine is for LOL and the pocket diaper would work great for that. Maybe I'm wrong, but it was a thought I had a few weeks ago when I was just sewing my diapers and we had the pool up in our backyard...

    Okay, I'll shut up now :P


  4. Pocket diapers make EXCELLENT swim diapers! I would be happy to make you one Steph and it would take me about 1/2 hour. =)

  5. Have you heard of You can sell stuff there. You could sell your line there. Something I just ran into there was a "Time Out Mat." It cost $20. Something you could add to your line. So what's the name going to be?

    We are leaving tomorrow if you wanted to make a diaper today and then I can pick it up from you. That would be wonderful. call and let me know.

  6. The name for my diapers is Pampered Cheeks. These one-size diapers are just "Deluxe One-size Diapers" because they have microfleece inside. The diaper that Jaden tried on is a "little cheeky." =) My problem is not getting a website or a shopping cart...not at all...right now the issue is getting an inventory (even a small representation of what I want to sell), which is why I went on such a sewing spree. A friend is coaching and encouraging me, and she told me to start with one product and go from there. I decided to start with three: the deluxe one-size diapers, the little cheekies, and some covers. So maybe next week you will see me opening an online store? Believe me, I am anxious to do so, just busy. :) Deadlines help. My biggest hurdle right now besides the inventory is deciding on a logo. I want something that is very simple and basic and can be woven into tags that I can sew on the diapers. I already have a source for making the labels, now I just need something to put on the label! I have asked around among my friends, it is too hard when you don't have much money to start (and not much overhead profit in the end) to go and pay someone to design a logo... :P I'm going to go get a diaper sewn up for you. I'll call you about 9:00 am...probably before you even see this post. :)
    Love ya,

  7. First, checkout my slide show on my blog. Second, thanks for bringing the diaper over and giving a few to me to try. Kristin said she was going to make her hotwheels one to try. This should help. Third, ask Jennifer Mickelson. She is great at art and very creative. I am sure she would design one for you for free also.

  8. Finally, I was checking out and found a a album that had 2 boys named Caleb and Zeke. I thought that was pretty cool.