Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sound Off

Tree Huggers

I had a new door-knocker the other day. We are all accustomed to the door-to-door salesmen, the occasional religious group, or politicians coming to our door all with something to "sell." When I can, I send Mitch to the door. Often people are scared off when they see all the kids run to the top of the stairs to see who's there--they assume I'm really busy and let me go without the typical rejections. (Well, I will admit that I do like the politicians as long as I'm armed and ready for But when my doorbell rang on Friday evening, Mitch was not home. I put down the knitted wool soaker I was working on, and reluctantly I drug myself to the door, observing as I passed by the window the two guys out there dressed in street clothes (usually the religious groups are suited) carrying clipboards.

As I opened the door, the heat came rushing in and I, unwilling to neither step outside nor invite them in, could think only of getting the door shut as quickly as possible. They were from some environmentalist group. I can be sympathetic to that. After all, I do use cloth diapers and I enjoy camping. But they couldn't have been more than 2 sentences into their "spiel" when they said, "But the Bush administration wants to drill for oil..."

My blood pressure shot up, my ears were ringing, and I swear I started to see those little stars in my eyes that you see when you are 9 months pregnant and stand up up too quickly. There was no stopping hand flew up in the air. I said, "You can stop now. You will not find a sympathetic ear here." It was all I could do not to unload on those poor boys. I doubt that they hear many people defending President Bush these days, and I intended to make up for it!

What is it with the people in this country? When did trees become more important than human life? How many people really slept through their high school government classes only to be trained by the lying media? I wanted to grab those boys by the ears and shout, "What gives you the right to blame the Bush administration for the environmental problems that we are enduring?" It has a lot more to do with evolutionists and their theories about "let nature take its course" and a volitile mix with American materialism and selfishness than it does with one President's national policies.

President Bush vetoed his first bill ever this week. If you will remember the legacy that President Clinton left us with, he vetoed a bill that banned the partial birth abortion. President Bush's veto left us with a much stronger legacy--one that preserves human life. Embryonic stem cell research destroys embryos. Bush didn't say that researchers can't do this kind of research, he just said that they can't have my tax dollars in order to do it. I applaud him! Protect human life. That is much more important to me. And if it means that my President is not a tree-hugger, then that's ok. I would much rather have him drilling for oil than drilling into tiny human bodies in the name of research. *Shudder*

I did speak my mind to those boys. I spoke about Genesis, the sanctity of life, how God has given us dominion over the earth and it is here for us to use. How the earth has been cursed and we do have to move land and trees and weeds in order to plant fields. I stressed that it is not one man's fault. And I also bragged about my cloth diapers. =) They probably thought I was nuts.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Sound Off

Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that says "If you choose to stay up late, your children will wake up all the earlier the next morning!" There must be!

Kristin came over last night to work on diapers, and we did plan on staying up late, but I don't think 2:45 am was in the plan for either of us. We were running on a little caffeine and just "getting stuff done" kind of energy.

As if a little alarm had gone off, as soon as the house was dark and quite and my head hit the pillow--I leaned over to flip on the baby monitor and Josh sent out a call for me. Ok, this is ok timing--I mean he could have waited until I was asleep, I fully realize that. But why not 1/2 hour sooner while I was still awake and upstairs? Hmmm....

Back in bed by 3:09 am. Think to myself, "I can make it on 3 hours of sleep tomorrow, surely." The reality is that Mitch and I have slept in until at least 7:00 am about 90% of the time this summer. So odds are I was going to get 4 hours of sleep. Nope.

5:30 am. Mitch has to go to work in Alexandria today, so he is sleeping light and hears Josh wake up. So into my bed Josh goes. Unfortunately he is cute and bubbly and happy. Not the tired crying sort of baby that you know is going to nurse and fall back asleep.

Why??? Was it so bad that I have one night of fun? Perhaps. I'm just popping tylenol today, and reminding myself that my choice to have fun does not constitute a loss of control of mommy's anger on their part. lol. Here's hoping today is fun...

Being sluggish and tired meant that I completely missed getting a picture of Josh deciding to stand on his own for a solid minute. He was digging in a basket of apples and veggies, and had pulled out a green pepper and holding it with both hands while he proceeded to take a bite. I would have missed it all together if Caleb hadn't had the decency to try (for about 30 seconds) to get my attention! Hey Josh, can you do that again? I got the camera out now!

7:03 am. What was THAT? A yawn? It's as if Josh says, "Ok, I did my part. I saw to it that you got as little sleep as possible, now I'm going to go catch up on mine since I got you through to 7 am." LOL Thanks for doing your job, little man.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where have you been??

I know, I know...I'm dragging myself back here with my tail between my legs! I wonder if everyone has given up on me and stopped checking my blog for updates? Since the launch of it seems that I have found a new love. lol. It's not true, of course, but my life does tend to flow in seasons!

Pampered Cheeks is off to a nice easy start. I have sold 2 diapers and 1 cover through my website, and another diaper and cover off site. It is so fun to be meeting people. I have had made some local contacts and really enjoy teaching or even just answering questions about cloth diapering. I love to see people even consider for a moment switching from disposables to cloth! One of my online sales just left me a message this morning saying that she loved her Pampered Cheeks diaper and wished she could buy more! Oh, how glad that made my heart! Thank you, Lord, for letting my serger spit out another cute diaper. =) We're hanging in there together, though I bend my loopers on just about every 3rd diaper it seems.

I am a princess now. I was "crowned" on Friday. Actually a couple weeks ago a toothache sent me in search of a dentist. I had been driving a good 50 miles (one way) to the dentist and really hated it. Steph G referred me to her dentist and I am soooooooo grateful!! Very nice people over there. A quick visit revealed a bad crack in a tooth that had already had extensive fillings. So I was crowned. There were some comments about my tooth being the biggest molar they had ever seen. Gee, thanks. I said we should put it in the fair. Lovely dentist says it would win the blue ribbon. Or would's pretty much gone now. Not to worry, I have an identical one on the other side.

Our summer is packed full with busy events. In addition to daycare, sewing diapers, and my regular CM events, I am trying to have fun! Mitch too. We have gone to the lake a few times, once Mitch's dad took us out on the boat and that was lots of fun. We got to take our big camping trip up the north shore drive, too. We went with the Emersons and the Heinens. It was so much fun! We had been planning it since this winter when we did a Bible study together.

The drive was beautiful, and so was Lake Superior. For the record, though, it does not compare to the ocean. They are different and should not be compared. If you think that looking at Superior is just as good as looking at the ocean, then you need to go to the ocean! I think in my heart I am partial to the place where I grew up (in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and Kentucky). It was hard to put my memories aside and recognize the beauty and richness of northern Minnesota. Why did I feel like they were competing for my heart?
We had an amazing trip. It was just about as perfect in every way as could be expected. I mean, we had chosen our week and reserved the campsite months ago. The weather turned out wonderfully, and the mishaps that did find us make our memories rich, funny, and exciting. Who doesn't want to add that kind of flavor to a trip? It could have rained the whole time, ya know!
The princess, signing off...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Pampered Cheeks

I did it. I finally took the plunge and purchased my domain name pampered cheeks dot com. I also purchased some web hosting from I am sooooo excited! It is a start, anyways. I can't wait to see where this will go. =) I have learned more in the past 36 hours about the internet than I ever wanted to know. Wowee, it was hard to figure all that out! Maybe some day I will even get good at it. Now I need to get back to my sewing machine...