Friday, July 28, 2006

Sound Off

Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that says "If you choose to stay up late, your children will wake up all the earlier the next morning!" There must be!

Kristin came over last night to work on diapers, and we did plan on staying up late, but I don't think 2:45 am was in the plan for either of us. We were running on a little caffeine and just "getting stuff done" kind of energy.

As if a little alarm had gone off, as soon as the house was dark and quite and my head hit the pillow--I leaned over to flip on the baby monitor and Josh sent out a call for me. Ok, this is ok timing--I mean he could have waited until I was asleep, I fully realize that. But why not 1/2 hour sooner while I was still awake and upstairs? Hmmm....

Back in bed by 3:09 am. Think to myself, "I can make it on 3 hours of sleep tomorrow, surely." The reality is that Mitch and I have slept in until at least 7:00 am about 90% of the time this summer. So odds are I was going to get 4 hours of sleep. Nope.

5:30 am. Mitch has to go to work in Alexandria today, so he is sleeping light and hears Josh wake up. So into my bed Josh goes. Unfortunately he is cute and bubbly and happy. Not the tired crying sort of baby that you know is going to nurse and fall back asleep.

Why??? Was it so bad that I have one night of fun? Perhaps. I'm just popping tylenol today, and reminding myself that my choice to have fun does not constitute a loss of control of mommy's anger on their part. lol. Here's hoping today is fun...

Being sluggish and tired meant that I completely missed getting a picture of Josh deciding to stand on his own for a solid minute. He was digging in a basket of apples and veggies, and had pulled out a green pepper and holding it with both hands while he proceeded to take a bite. I would have missed it all together if Caleb hadn't had the decency to try (for about 30 seconds) to get my attention! Hey Josh, can you do that again? I got the camera out now!

7:03 am. What was THAT? A yawn? It's as if Josh says, "Ok, I did my part. I saw to it that you got as little sleep as possible, now I'm going to go catch up on mine since I got you through to 7 am." LOL Thanks for doing your job, little man.

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