Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sound Off

Tree Huggers

I had a new door-knocker the other day. We are all accustomed to the door-to-door salesmen, the occasional religious group, or politicians coming to our door all with something to "sell." When I can, I send Mitch to the door. Often people are scared off when they see all the kids run to the top of the stairs to see who's there--they assume I'm really busy and let me go without the typical rejections. (Well, I will admit that I do like the politicians as long as I'm armed and ready for But when my doorbell rang on Friday evening, Mitch was not home. I put down the knitted wool soaker I was working on, and reluctantly I drug myself to the door, observing as I passed by the window the two guys out there dressed in street clothes (usually the religious groups are suited) carrying clipboards.

As I opened the door, the heat came rushing in and I, unwilling to neither step outside nor invite them in, could think only of getting the door shut as quickly as possible. They were from some environmentalist group. I can be sympathetic to that. After all, I do use cloth diapers and I enjoy camping. But they couldn't have been more than 2 sentences into their "spiel" when they said, "But the Bush administration wants to drill for oil..."

My blood pressure shot up, my ears were ringing, and I swear I started to see those little stars in my eyes that you see when you are 9 months pregnant and stand up up too quickly. There was no stopping hand flew up in the air. I said, "You can stop now. You will not find a sympathetic ear here." It was all I could do not to unload on those poor boys. I doubt that they hear many people defending President Bush these days, and I intended to make up for it!

What is it with the people in this country? When did trees become more important than human life? How many people really slept through their high school government classes only to be trained by the lying media? I wanted to grab those boys by the ears and shout, "What gives you the right to blame the Bush administration for the environmental problems that we are enduring?" It has a lot more to do with evolutionists and their theories about "let nature take its course" and a volitile mix with American materialism and selfishness than it does with one President's national policies.

President Bush vetoed his first bill ever this week. If you will remember the legacy that President Clinton left us with, he vetoed a bill that banned the partial birth abortion. President Bush's veto left us with a much stronger legacy--one that preserves human life. Embryonic stem cell research destroys embryos. Bush didn't say that researchers can't do this kind of research, he just said that they can't have my tax dollars in order to do it. I applaud him! Protect human life. That is much more important to me. And if it means that my President is not a tree-hugger, then that's ok. I would much rather have him drilling for oil than drilling into tiny human bodies in the name of research. *Shudder*

I did speak my mind to those boys. I spoke about Genesis, the sanctity of life, how God has given us dominion over the earth and it is here for us to use. How the earth has been cursed and we do have to move land and trees and weeds in order to plant fields. I stressed that it is not one man's fault. And I also bragged about my cloth diapers. =) They probably thought I was nuts.

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