Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Monarch Butterflies

We love to watch the transformation of monarch caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. It is a great way to talk with the kids about concepts such as being "reborn" or "transformed" and also about God's protection and care for us. This year one of our chrysalis accidentally fell on the day that it was supposed to come out. We stared woefully at the chrysalis as it lay silent on the bottom of the cage. It had turned black (normal on the last day) and we could see the orange in the wings showing through the now-transparent outer shell. Had it been hanging, the butterfly would have emerged. Amazing that we felt a sadness for this tiny creature! We talked with the kids about that, and they were sad too. Imagine our joy and surprise when a few hours later Micah yelled and we all came running to see. He said, "There's a butterfly in there!" Sure enough, the butterfly had emerged and was triumphantly climbing to the top of the cage where it could hang and let its wings dry. The kids immediately were praising God that He cared for even this small insect. How great must be His love for us!!

Following are some pictures we got on a previous day of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis.

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  1. Those are incredible pictures. They could totally be published. I am so glad you shared them with us. Love, me