Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Day I Was Born

My mom called today to wish me a happy birthday. Everyone is having a good time rubbing in that I am now finally 30. I'm happy to be 30, although I often correct them and say, "Nope, I'm 29 again," borrowing the line from Jack Benny. And lucky me, it gets to be my "golden birthday" for the rest of my life. =)

I asked my mom to tell me again about the day I was born. It is, after all, my birthday and a story is a small request. ;) She groaned and said, "Oh, let's see, that was 30 years ago, I don't know if I can remember!" I challenged her with the fact that *most* mothers never forget the births of their babies. I have 5 and I can remember each of mine with quite a bit of detail. So she began...

It was just after Thanksgiving. I had "dropped" and had been riding on her pelvic bone for approximately 2 weeks (just like my daughter did to me!). She went in for a regular checkup. Her doctor was at the hospital in the next state, about a 30-minute drive over the mountain. The doctor was concerned because a snow storm was heading our way. I realize that in Minnesota that may not normally be a cause for concern, but in the south even a couple of inches can immobilize traffic. So he asked her to stay and be induced. She says that he broke her water, and massaged her belly to get contractions going. No pitocin, no pain meds. Just like that. I was born 2 and 1/2 hours later! She did have some pain meds when they stitched up the episiotomy. I was a big baby--close to 9 lbs. Good judgement call on the doctor's part, I was definitely ready to come. She did not have a "support person" there with her that day. My dad was on the road (he was a trucker), and her mom was at home watching my older sister. My paternal grandmother came up to the hospital soon after I was born...not sure but it must have been after the snowstorm. I have beautiful baby pictures after arriving home from the hospital, thanks to my mom's mom. She sent me a card this week that said, "We will never be to old to forget the day that you arrived during a snowstorm."

I love this time of year!

So now I know what to have Mitch do if for some reason my water breaks again and contractions do not start (I had to have pitocin with 3 of my 5 babies because of this). I'll have him massage my belly!!

p.s. Just in case my mom is shy, please don't tell her her story is posted on the www! What a blessing to have this conversation with my mom.

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  1. I'm calling your mom... as soon as I can find that number! LOLOL

    I'm glad you finally decided to update...