Friday, December 29, 2006

Water Park of America

Mitch promised the kids months ago that if they did something really hard (and they did, over several days), that he would give them a really BIG reward. He eventually revealed that it would be a trip to a waterpark. However, circumstances really prevented us from making good on the promise. Let me just make it clear that we do not actually fully PROMISE things to our kids very is so important to keep your word with these little ones, and it is hard for me (the analytical one) to promise something so huge. Nevertheless, the promise had been made. Over Christmas God blessed us very richly with the opportunity to spend a full day at a waterpark, for half the price. It was incredibly fun! The kids will remember it, well, forever because you know it will be in my albums! (We didn't take Josh, though, since it would have cost the full price for him and we knew he would tire so quickly...many thanks to Mitch's sister and my sister for watching him for us).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Family Picture!

We needed to take a family photo for a special project for Mitch's grandma. Well, the deadline had passed, so I said let's just sit down and get it over with. We didn't worry about putting on nice clothes or anything. Wouldn't you know it, we only had to take 2 shots to get a great photo (and with that many kids, that's significant)...I know that the way we are dressed doesn't really matter, but still, couldn't we have been a little more coordinated? Too funny...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pregnant Brain

Have you ever read the book, "The monster at the end of this book," starring Grover from Sesame Street? I love the last page of the book that has just Grover and in very small letters he says "Oh, I am so embarrassed." I find myself saying that every now and then and that is the image that comes to mind. I am so glad I am pregnant and so I can blame my latest mishap (at least partly) on that.

Last night I was leaving to go to church. I had all the kids in the van finally after running up and down the stairs literally a half dozen times trying to get everything together. I put the van in reverse and backed down the driveway. Just then I remembered the armload of packages sitting by the door...all but one of them already had postage on them, I needed to get postage on the last one done in town. I thought I would grab the packages and drop them off on my way back home. So I (thought) I threw the shift into park and hopped out of the van, leaving it running and leaving my door open, and ran to grab the packages. I came back out to find the van pushing gently but firmly and persistantly against the garage door. :( Man, did I ever feel stupid. The kids inside the van were quite curious why I would do such a (d.u.m.b. as Steph G would say) thing. Obviously I had put it down into drive instead of up into park.

It's allright however. The dent in the door is quite noticeable. A friend from church came out this morning to take a look at it. He reinforced the something-or-other for me and straightened out the panels. He will be looking in to finding a new door for us when the time is right. For the time being it will work well enough (good thing we don't park in the garage and so aren't relying on it that much--besides storage, we also use it for shop tools).

Yep...pregnant brain.

On a good note, I saw the doctor yesterday and the baby is growing fine. We heard the heartbeat, and that's about all we can check out at this point. We are not going to find out what we are having this time, and it's driving Micah crazy (hee, hee). It will be a lot more fun come June when I go into labor now, won't it? =)