Friday, December 29, 2006

Water Park of America

Mitch promised the kids months ago that if they did something really hard (and they did, over several days), that he would give them a really BIG reward. He eventually revealed that it would be a trip to a waterpark. However, circumstances really prevented us from making good on the promise. Let me just make it clear that we do not actually fully PROMISE things to our kids very is so important to keep your word with these little ones, and it is hard for me (the analytical one) to promise something so huge. Nevertheless, the promise had been made. Over Christmas God blessed us very richly with the opportunity to spend a full day at a waterpark, for half the price. It was incredibly fun! The kids will remember it, well, forever because you know it will be in my albums! (We didn't take Josh, though, since it would have cost the full price for him and we knew he would tire so quickly...many thanks to Mitch's sister and my sister for watching him for us).

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  1. Too fun :) I might have to suggest that to my brother and his wife when they make good on their "sleepover" Christmas gift for the boys and Victory!