Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10th Anniversary!!

It is our 10th Wedding Anniversary today! Wow, it is amazing to look back over the past 10 years. It has flown by, and things have not always turned out like we expected them to. Well, I'm not going to do any deep reminiscing, only to say that God has been soooooo good to us. He deserves all the praise! Mitch's dad is going to babysit for us tonight so that we can go out. I'm not sure where we will go out, but at least the hard part of lining up a sitter is done.

I saw the doctor yesterday for a regular baby checkup. I am 17 weeks. We decided not to do the AFP or triple screen blood tests. She felt confident that the ultrasound tech would be able to pick up anything that looked abnormal and would schedule us for a more high-def u/s if needed, and I felt confident that I didn't need to see the results of the AFP (it has a very high false positive rate) but was willing to do it if she wanted to see the results. We scheduled that for 20 weeks. I am excited to have the ultrasound, but not as excited as I would normally be. We have decided not to find out what we're having (boy or girl), so there *shouldn't* be any big surprises that day. Mitch almost got in trouble when he asked me, "Is it important to you if I am there for that?" *wink wink* Duh!! This is a new doctor for me (my old doctor stopped delivering babies), and I would like him to meet her at least once. The appointment itself was fine, but crazy. I had taken Zeke and Josh along, thinking it would be fast and they wouldn't be too bad. As soon as I got on the table to listen for the baby's heartbeat, Josh started freaking out. So the dr. put him on the table with me and he just sobbed--poor kid. When the doc picked up the baby's heart beat I guess Zeke started to do a little dance because she asked him if he was getting into the groove. She then picked up both my heartbeat and the baby's together and it was a really funny groove. =) I'm not sure what I'll plan to do with those two for future doctor visits.

This morning I unfolded yard after yard of fabric, counting and refolding, which subsequently gave me a headache. I don't have the grand total yet, but I bet it ain't perty. This for my end of the year inventory for taxes. Ouch. Anyone can look at "the wall" of fabric in my room and tell there's a lot there. However, I frequently finding myself in need of more. Isn't that sort of sick in a way? I hope to have a better handle on inventory in 2007. Maybe streamlined a little bit. I do have some good plans and goals. I can't wait to see how much of the $3,000 gross income I made in 2006 is actual profit. Now THAT will be fun information. I just am not looking forward to the future headaches involved in figuring it out. Mitch bought me a new babylock imagine wave serger back in September. I still love that machine like I got it yesterday. I don't think he'll ever have to buy me another birthday or Christmas present again. I can just go sew something and be happy. Wow. I should take a pic of me and my baby. :) Now if I can clear 2006 in the black counting my serger, plus the wall of fabric, that would truely be something!!

That's about it for now.


  1. With your fabric stash, I would say, set aside some time to go through all of it (since you are already doing inventory, this would be a good time) and ask yourself, "What *can* I make with what I have?" Then, don't buy anymore until you make just that. Or, only make things that you only need to buy one little thing for.
    I do this not only with fabric and crafts, but with groceries. It helps bring down the clutter. Good luck, and I love your cloth diapering business.

  2. Thanks danielle, I do do that occasionally, but the fact is that because I have a business I also have a core line of products that use only certain materials. If I run out of a particular fabric I have to buy it, regardless of what is in my inventory. Another important piece to remember is that it can sometimes take a while to get a particular fabric (for example, the printed PUL has to be specially laminated from whole yards of fabric I have selected, and it takes a while to get done). So if I find it, and especially if I find it on sale, it is much more worth my time to buy it now rather than wait (I need 25 whole yards of printed fabric to do a lamination run). It is all part of maintaining a smart business inventory. At the after thanksgiving sales, it was VERY smart for me to purchase flannels at only $0.98/yard (I had an extra 20% off coupon to use on top of the discount). Many yards of fabric I have were given to me, and this had to be separated as well. Some fabrics I have on hand do not meet my current quality requirements, so I am not using them in the immediate projects I'm working on. Got to work on what makes money! =)

  3. Oh! I forgot to add that by "streamlined" for 2007 is that I am going to streamline my product line. I will still offer what I have on a custom basis, but I probably will not use much of a variety in my core product line. This will allow me to sometimes offer "one of a kind" and other special buys. My core product line will include streamlined fabrics so that I will have a list of "essentials" or "never outs" that is much smaller and easier to maintain. Then I will be buying 5-10 yards of one type of fabric, instead of 3/4 yard of this and that, etc. Having a simplified core product line will also allow me to set my sights on someday having a line of products that can be wholesaled!

  4. Aha I see. Good luck with your business, and thanks for the informational website with all the nice cloth diapering info. I can't wait to start.