Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby Dreams...

Having the 20 week ultrasound is always a landmark event! Here is what I had to say about the ultrasound:

Well, [the gender is] still a surprise. I let the tech know right away I didn't want her to look if she didn't have to. She did a great job. It was a little suspicious there for a while as she had to get a measurement of the femur (3 times!!!), and I thought we were getting too much of a view of the crotch, but I didn't notice any bumps either way. You know that with u/s you see lots of shadows of things and it looks odd at times and all she has to do is move the wand a little bit and it either scans deeper or not as deep and things can look sooooo different (like we saw the lens of the eye if she held the wand a certain
way). With all the friendly banter that was going on and the wagers on boy or
girl, I wondered if she didn't try to "peak" to see for herself. Well, if she
found out anything, she did a great job of hiding it from us. I asked dh if he
had any suspicions, but all I got out of him was an "I didn't see anything."
Followed by a "When is your u/s?" arrrrgggghhh. I ended up with both of my
little ones in there, dh and his sister. It was a pretty fast scan.

The baby looked great and so far the doc hasn't called with anything (we saw her
afterwards, but she hadn't received the report yet). The baby was head down, and
laying face down in the placenta (which means that it's on my back wall and it
is at least lower). I didn't have the guts to ask the tech if it's too close to
the cervix. I couldn't handle that news just yet. We got great views of the
spine, but couldn't get a real clear profile view. We saw the kidneys, bladder,
and all four chambers of the heart.

The baby's heartrate was 147 bpm at the u/s and in the office visit it was in the low 150s. Here are how my other children measured about the middle of my pg:
#1 (boy): 140 bpm
#2 (girl): 136 bpm
#3 (boy): 136 bpm
#4 (boy): 144 bpm
#5 (boy): 136 bpm
The baby measured right on for my due date (20 weeks) and is about 14 ounces. :)

I asked the doc about the itchy rash I STILL have on my legs. My mom has a similar rash and just recently discovered it was due to a low thyroid. So the doc had a thyroid test done.

Well I heard back from the doc today and the placenta is indeed low-lying. She did not put me on "pelvic rest" however and said that it is not nearly as bad this time as it was before [in my previous pregnancy]. She wants to check it again by ultrasound in 4 weeks, and they promptly scheduled that appointment. Arrrgghhh...another appt to resist finding out the gender, but always good to see the baby! :) Oh, and the thyroid test came back normal. I guess I will keep up with the lotion, it seems to be the only thing that is helping.

I took some photos but blogger doesn't want to add them for me... :( Keep watching, I'll get them on here somehow!

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