Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jaden's Upcoming Birthday

I wanted to repost this from Steph's blog, just in case there are people who visit my blog who don't visit theirs. Please feel free to respond!!!

**We are celebrating the life of our baby boy who was born with a congenital heart disease called Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome. He will be turning one year old April 4, 2007. We want to honor him with something very special and have decided to do it by also by encouraging others to become more aware of the heart diseases that affect millions.

We are asking that anyone who lives by the ocean write a letter (sample below) in Jaden's honor, put it in a bottle, seal it and throw it into the ocean. We are asking that those who find the bottle write a letter or post on the blog something special such as; an encouraging thought, a prayer, poem or an experience they have had with heart disease. We will take these letters and/or posts on the blog and make a special album. This album will honor Jaden and all others who have gone through what babies/children with heart disease's have to face each day.

This will be an exciting thing to see how many people respond, how they respond and where they respond from. Thank you to all who are participating. We also will encourage not only those who find the bottles to send letters or to post on the blog, but also those who come across this as well to send something.

Letter To Put In A Bottle...

"Jaden Austin Gonzalez. Baby boy born April 4, 2006 with a congenital heart disease called Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome. This heart disease is where only one half of your heart has been developed. This disease requires a minimum of 3 open heart surgeries to take place within the first 4 years of your life. At some point, people who have this heart disease will require a heart transplant. Jaden has been through so much already as he has already had his first 2 surgeries, 2 heart catherizations and has had a stent put in.

He is turning one in just a few days. We are celebrating his life thus far and are outreaching to those across the world. We are hoping this letter finds you and helps encourage you to become more aware of the heart disease's that are affecting our babies daily.

Our family is asking you to send a letter with a special poem, words or encouragement, a prayer or experience you have encountered with heart disease to our baby Jaden. We will compile all of the letters we receive in a special album which will honor Jaden and all of the other babies affected by these diseases. Most of all we will honor God as He is the one who made it possible for Jaden to be alive on his 1st birthday.

The address to send this letter to is:
Stephanie Gonzalez
PO Box 24
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379-0024
You can also go to the blog and post something there as well:

Thank you for being a part of our journey. The Gonzalez Family" **

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Projects

Well, it is the weekend again, and with no "drama" to otherwise distract me =) I kept myself busy with projects. First, I am still working on a label to have custom woven for my products. Here is the latest version I am leaning towards, and I'm still considering if it will be in color or not:

A couple of weeks ago I did the little boy's romper in this picture below, and this weekend I did the girl's dress, hat, and the piece I'm most excited about--the side-snapping minkee diaper cover. Yummmmmmy!! [Even if you don't use cloth diapers, this cute cover would be perfect over a paper diaper as a nice accent to the ensemble. :) But why would you want to do something like that to your poor baby? Besides, the paper diaper would probably leak and stain the cover!] It was my first draft of a pattern this style, and since snaps sometimes give me a really hard time when I am trying a new layout, I was very pleased to have it come out the way I hoped. Now I will have to pick out the perfect fabric to make a cover to match the boy's romper.

Maybe this cute cover would do? Nope, even if I have a girl this one will not be for sale! See? I already have a girl print and a boy print picked out to match, so I can make an adorable sleep saque. It is a wool cover that I learned to knit in the round (using the magic loop method found at, and the pattern is free at So that's why I can't sell it. And I'll probably never come up with my own original pattern, this is something I am such a novice at. I am getting faster, however. While I was at the hospital last weekend, just sitting in complete silence studying the lines on the ceiling (there was *nothing* to watch on t.v.), I was wishing I had my knitting to work on. So when I got home I started a new one in the next size up and I was already a little bit faster--yay! I still have to finish the leg cuffs, so no picture yet.

On another note, I'm wondering where my oldest (Micah, 9.5 years) learned to tell a joke or pull a prank. He did both today, with quite a bit of success! First of all, he told his dad an elephant joke...I think Mitch was a little jealous he didn't come up with it! Second, I was making some mac and cheese for supper tonight. I slipped away while waiting for the water to boil, and the next thing I know Micah walks in with a box and and says, "mom, I opened this and there were 2 packages of the cheese mix and only a tiny bit of macaroni." I thought it was odd, but easily fixed. I told him to open another box. He said, "I did and this one is crammed full to the top of the box!" I still didn't get the prank, because he executed it with such poise...I actually walked out to the kitchen to explore then gave him a playful push and he burst into laughter. Gee, I sure am a slow one sometimes!! =D
I know there was more stuff I wanted to blog, but now my mind is cluttered. I guess that means I should stop back by more often!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ok, so ya'll know me and my love for research. Here are the "statistics" on my little adventure ride this weekend:

"Kidney stones affect about 12% of men and 5% of women by the time they are 70 years old."
"Kidney stones that strike women are more apt to occur during pregnancy, usually in the third trimester. During pregnancy, women tend to have a higher calcium intake and at the same time their kidneys handle calcium less efficiently. Kidney stones are still a rare occurrence during pregnancy, however, affecting only 1 in 1,500 pregnancies."

Uh, does anyone want to take a guess at what the likelihood of that other stone they saw staying put is??? Ah, I didn't think so! I will revert to my previous position...statistics are just numbers and are subject to the bias of the interpreter...they do not predict the future!

I feel like I am in the minority...(Mitch says I am always in the minority) =P

Oh yeah, and since it's been a while, here is a 28-week picture to update you. Now, does this look like a girl tummy or a boy tummy??? =)

If you want to see a comparison pic, click this link:
This has a picture of me (in white on the left) when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Josh, and the pic on the right is obviously the same as the one above. Hmmm...carrying a bit larger or a bit higher do you think?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Wild Ride

Well, I had a scary weekend, to say the least!! How many details do you want to read? I can make it really long! =)

I was having some lower back pain last week, which I know is just part of being pregnant. On Friday, my lower abdominal muscles felt sore, and so I figured I was overcompensating for my back. I went to bed early, hoping that would ease the pain. I woke up at 10:30 pm in horrible pain. I cried because I didn't want to "bother" anyone, but I knew I would have to call someone to watch the kids, plus try to get ahold of Mitch, who was at a lock-in. It took about half an hour for Holly and Mitch to get here. Mitch took me to the ER right away, and thankfully I was able to bypass any waiting and go straight to Labor & Delivery. I was sobbing the whole way, scared of what could be happening. They hooked me up to monitors, and sure enough I was contracting every 2 minutes--some pretty intense contractions. I buried my head and sobbed some more. Who knows what Mitch was feeling. They worked fast to do some initial tests plus get the contractions stopped. They used a drug called terbutaline--that was a fun ride! My heartrate shot up and I began shaking all over. The nurses thought at that point I should be feeling better since the contractions had stopped, however the pain was still there and quite strong. Hmmm... They sent me for an ultrasound of the babe and he/she looked great, though I cried through most of the ultrasound since the pressure on my abdomen hurt so bad. In fact, anything that stretched those abdominal muscles hurt. So I would lay as still as I possibly could, and had to take very shallow breaths, and even then I could not stop the baby from moving and that movement hurt a lot too. They were pumping me full of iv fluids, so I had to get up to pee a LOT and that was excruciating. They wanted to do some nubain for the pain, but they refused to lower the dosage. I had it with Micah and hated it, so I refused it. I asked them to do tylenol with codeine instead. They really wanted me to relax and get some sleep. The nurse was sure it would not be effective, but I was promising to be a good patient, so she relented. I felt better, but was still in quite a bit of pain. I didn't sleep at all until morning. In the morning they did an ultrasound of my kidneys and saw that there is extra fluid around my right kidney, which is common in third trimester pregnancy. This normally does not cause any discomfort. They also saw a small stone, and the guessing game began that I had passed a small stone through the tube that goes from your kidney to your bladder, and since this is compressed the pain was intensified. It took two shots of the terbutaline to completely take care of all my contractions, but thankfully I did not dilate. It was frustrating trying to communicate with the nurses, who mistakenly thought that relieving the contractions would relieve my pain. :( But the whole kidney stone thing seemed to explain a lot. By Saturday afternoon I was feeling better, but still in a lot of pain when I had to move. The doctor discharged me on bedrest orders for the weekend and said I could resume moderate activity on Monday.

On a postive note, the baby measured 2 weeks ahead--so nice and strong--and the placenta was over 4 cm away from my cervix!! Amazing!! I totally did NOT expect that. I don't have to have it checked anymore. Yippeee.

Also, I had a dizzy spell on Monday night that lasted for hours. I have never experienced anything like it. I read my pregnancy books and suspected low iron. The doc suspected vertigo, to which I disagreed. =P Anyways, I did everything I could to up my iron intake. When they drew my labs at the hospital, my hemoglobin came back a low 9.9. I felt at least a little vindicated. :) So I came home on extra iron, which I have been on every single pregnancy and was annoyed that I hadn't been put on it yet for this one. I'm hoping that I'm feeling a LOT better very soon!!

Oh yeah, and the doctor says the baby must be a boy, "because they never listen." Do you think??? Not exactly the prediction I like to hear, lol.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sewing Sewing Sewing...Oh happy day!

I have been having a little fun this week. I took advantage of some sales to feed a desire I had to learn to sew with knits (clothing items, that is). After all, I have one of the best sergers available (a babylock imagine wave), so why not put it to the test? My pattern cost $2. I got a bunch of cute knit fabrics on sale, some for $2/yard or less. Yay! Here are my first attempts (the yellow onesie was very first, followed by the yellow sleep saque, and finally the blue one).

After doing the yellow onesie, I decided I did not like the pattern instructions for finishing the neck edges. Just before going to bed last night I was examining my own t-shirt and couldn't stop brainstorming. I came up with my own way to do the collar, similar to a store-bought shirt. It is imperfect, but the method is much easier and I'm sure with a little practice I will get the hang of it in no time.

It took me about 1.5 hours to do the blue one, after I finally felt like I had my "groove" down. So it is a little time consuming right now, but I'm sure that I will get better. And, of course, I have plenty enough left over fabric to make matching newborn diapers. =) I can't wait!!
Also, below is a picture of my "new" fabric room and the obscene wall of fabric (not to mention the large roll of Malden Mills Microfleece that is hiding behind the closet door off screen). I officially moved in and moved everything else out at the beginning of the year. It not only holds my sewing stuff, but my Creative Memories things as well. The storage space is ample (as long as I stay out of the fabric stores), and I am so comfortable within the space I have to work. What a blessing!!!

Well, it just dawned on me that within the next few weeks I will have 65 yards of PUL arriving at my house--both solids and prints--ouch! We will find a place for it (I think)...LOL. Shhhh....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Top picture was u/s at 24 weeks. Bottom picture was u/s at 20 weeks.

I had a follow up ultrasound a week ago. Isn't the difference in growth really neat??? I was so tickled to get the same "pose." It was obvious during the ultrasound that the placenta had not moved. Someone at the doc's office got confused and called me a day later to say that it had and everything looked great. They then called me this week to change their minds and recommend another ultrasound in 4 weeks. I asked if we could wait 6 or 7 instead and they agreed--hurray. So maybe we will see more change by then.

I am feeling good. I got a haircut this week, and for some reason it made me feel 10 lbs lighter (and at this point, that would be a big improvement). I had been wishing for a late winter snow storm--please just ONE before the winter is over--and I feel so lucky to have gotten two! We are having a snow day today, the first ever in Micah's life and he is in 3rd grade. Remarkably, my house is staying clean. That's only because it's not Saturday. =)

Snow accumulations on Wednesday.

Thursday Evening...