Friday, March 02, 2007

Top picture was u/s at 24 weeks. Bottom picture was u/s at 20 weeks.

I had a follow up ultrasound a week ago. Isn't the difference in growth really neat??? I was so tickled to get the same "pose." It was obvious during the ultrasound that the placenta had not moved. Someone at the doc's office got confused and called me a day later to say that it had and everything looked great. They then called me this week to change their minds and recommend another ultrasound in 4 weeks. I asked if we could wait 6 or 7 instead and they agreed--hurray. So maybe we will see more change by then.

I am feeling good. I got a haircut this week, and for some reason it made me feel 10 lbs lighter (and at this point, that would be a big improvement). I had been wishing for a late winter snow storm--please just ONE before the winter is over--and I feel so lucky to have gotten two! We are having a snow day today, the first ever in Micah's life and he is in 3rd grade. Remarkably, my house is staying clean. That's only because it's not Saturday. =)

Snow accumulations on Wednesday.

Thursday Evening...


  1. I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. It is so amazing how we are able to see our living babies while they are still in our bodies. Awesome..

  2. You can't tell the sex in that picture?????

    I got the purple batik diaper and I luuuuvvvvvv it. It is so much cuter in person than in the pic.

    You do great work, thanks.