Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sewing Sewing Sewing...Oh happy day!

I have been having a little fun this week. I took advantage of some sales to feed a desire I had to learn to sew with knits (clothing items, that is). After all, I have one of the best sergers available (a babylock imagine wave), so why not put it to the test? My pattern cost $2. I got a bunch of cute knit fabrics on sale, some for $2/yard or less. Yay! Here are my first attempts (the yellow onesie was very first, followed by the yellow sleep saque, and finally the blue one).

After doing the yellow onesie, I decided I did not like the pattern instructions for finishing the neck edges. Just before going to bed last night I was examining my own t-shirt and couldn't stop brainstorming. I came up with my own way to do the collar, similar to a store-bought shirt. It is imperfect, but the method is much easier and I'm sure with a little practice I will get the hang of it in no time.

It took me about 1.5 hours to do the blue one, after I finally felt like I had my "groove" down. So it is a little time consuming right now, but I'm sure that I will get better. And, of course, I have plenty enough left over fabric to make matching newborn diapers. =) I can't wait!!
Also, below is a picture of my "new" fabric room and the obscene wall of fabric (not to mention the large roll of Malden Mills Microfleece that is hiding behind the closet door off screen). I officially moved in and moved everything else out at the beginning of the year. It not only holds my sewing stuff, but my Creative Memories things as well. The storage space is ample (as long as I stay out of the fabric stores), and I am so comfortable within the space I have to work. What a blessing!!!

Well, it just dawned on me that within the next few weeks I will have 65 yards of PUL arriving at my house--both solids and prints--ouch! We will find a place for it (I think)...LOL. Shhhh....


  1. 65 yards!?! Wow! I didn't realize it was that much. LOL

    The saques are very cute :)

    So... I'm doing foster care. Tim's neice needed a place for her cat for a while :P Tim isn't thrilled, but he'll get over it. Her name is Lucky (there is a story behind that) and she has at least 6, maybe 7 toes on one foot.

    Nice job on the sewing!


  2. Yes, 65 yards. I sent in 25 to be laminated, ordered 15 from this-end-up coop and another 25 with Tami (5 yards of that is hers) I guess "technically" 60...*shudder* It's still fairly formidable! Of course Tami and I will trade also, so that I don't plan on actually sewing ALL of my PUL, she will offer up some for sale in her store. =)

  3. Oh man, lets not forget the 10 yards (2 will go to you) that I have with Laurie...Ouch!!!