Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Projects

Well, it is the weekend again, and with no "drama" to otherwise distract me =) I kept myself busy with projects. First, I am still working on a label to have custom woven for my products. Here is the latest version I am leaning towards, and I'm still considering if it will be in color or not:

A couple of weeks ago I did the little boy's romper in this picture below, and this weekend I did the girl's dress, hat, and the piece I'm most excited about--the side-snapping minkee diaper cover. Yummmmmmy!! [Even if you don't use cloth diapers, this cute cover would be perfect over a paper diaper as a nice accent to the ensemble. :) But why would you want to do something like that to your poor baby? Besides, the paper diaper would probably leak and stain the cover!] It was my first draft of a pattern this style, and since snaps sometimes give me a really hard time when I am trying a new layout, I was very pleased to have it come out the way I hoped. Now I will have to pick out the perfect fabric to make a cover to match the boy's romper.

Maybe this cute cover would do? Nope, even if I have a girl this one will not be for sale! See? I already have a girl print and a boy print picked out to match, so I can make an adorable sleep saque. It is a wool cover that I learned to knit in the round (using the magic loop method found at, and the pattern is free at So that's why I can't sell it. And I'll probably never come up with my own original pattern, this is something I am such a novice at. I am getting faster, however. While I was at the hospital last weekend, just sitting in complete silence studying the lines on the ceiling (there was *nothing* to watch on t.v.), I was wishing I had my knitting to work on. So when I got home I started a new one in the next size up and I was already a little bit faster--yay! I still have to finish the leg cuffs, so no picture yet.

On another note, I'm wondering where my oldest (Micah, 9.5 years) learned to tell a joke or pull a prank. He did both today, with quite a bit of success! First of all, he told his dad an elephant joke...I think Mitch was a little jealous he didn't come up with it! Second, I was making some mac and cheese for supper tonight. I slipped away while waiting for the water to boil, and the next thing I know Micah walks in with a box and and says, "mom, I opened this and there were 2 packages of the cheese mix and only a tiny bit of macaroni." I thought it was odd, but easily fixed. I told him to open another box. He said, "I did and this one is crammed full to the top of the box!" I still didn't get the prank, because he executed it with such poise...I actually walked out to the kitchen to explore then gave him a playful push and he burst into laughter. Gee, I sure am a slow one sometimes!! =D
I know there was more stuff I wanted to blog, but now my mind is cluttered. I guess that means I should stop back by more often!!


  1. Fun :) I think I should find some really cute fabric that coordinates and make one of the boy rompers for Levi and sundresses and bonnets for VJ and the baby... wouldn't that be fun?? Maybe I should finish my DIAPERS first!! LOL

    I am still going to look at Joann's and see if i can find more of that heart/floral fabric that I liked so much so I can make matching dresses for VJ and the baby and then do a diaper cover or a one-size for the baby.

    Man, I can't wait until I can say her name instead of calling her "the baby"!! lol

    Anyway, nice work :)


  2. Man,

    you always amaze me with your talent. I wish I could just sew a simple pillow case...

    Thanks for your wonderful post on the blog. It made my heart smile.

    I am going on Ash's field trip tomorrow, helping Wendy on Wednesday and then helping Mrs. Avery on Friday. I will try to maybe fit your house in on Thursday. Oh wait, OT comes. I will see.

    Love ya too!