Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ok, so Stacy asked when the move date is, so I figured I'd better just go ahead and post an "official" blog update.

The move date? We don't know.

We have decided to move. In fact, Mitch has already alerted the school that he will not be returning next year. :( I am sad, but I am excited about what the future holds. Here is what we do know...

We will be taking another teaching job. So we will most likely move at the beginning of August, just before the new job starts, to avoid any conflicts with insurance.

We will be moving out of state. We feel that God is leading us to a specific spot, but I want to keep that under wraps (aka off the net) for the time being.

We hope to meet with a realtor this week and get our house on the market. I am cleaning house today like a mad woman and going to take my own pictures of our super-cool pad to give to the realtor...some people just don't know how to take pics. (Um, yeah, they will be better than the ones in the slide show below). Besides, with 5 kids and one on the way, I can't guarantee our house will be photo-worthy when the realtor stops by with his camera.

We are praying for an easy sell in this difficult market. New carpet and fresh paint will go a long way... We still have some work to do on the basement, but it is not overwhelming. As sellers we are flexible on our move-out date. If the buyers want to move in in July, then fine, we'll find some place to live for a couple of weeks.

We are praying that we will find a church family right away to connect with at our new destination.

We are praying for our children during the next school year. We have decided to homeschool.

We are praying for a wonderful home that will *meet our needs* in our new location. So far the housing market there gives a lot to choose from.

We are of course praying for the right job. But this is an easy one--we know and trust that God has a job for Mitch, which is what led us on this crazy journey in the first place. We need wisdom as we make each next step.

We are praying for the safe arrival of our new baby. Once it gets here, we will have more travel flexibility, so that Mitch can travel and interview, and can find us a new home!

So that's the update for now...I'll keep you posted (I =)

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