Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 7

It is a new day, right? Even with more of the same, it is always nice to have a new day to start off with. We got up early and headed out to the hospital to get it over with. Mitch had to go into school today and finish his grades. He called a little while ago to let me know what Micah and Eden's standford acheivement test scores came back as. They both performed excellently. I had to chuckle when he told me Micah's weakest areas are spelling and listening. Mitch lamented that he inherited it from his dad. Eden's was environment. I said Al Gore will be calling her soon. He said it is no wonder if you have ever seen her locker you would know. There are four levels of acheivement in the Bible category, and they both scored in the "Advanced" range. We are proud. =)

Malachi's bili came back at 18.7 today. I can't believe it is moving so slowly. I have to admit my concern. She said the lab results from yesterday are still pending. I don't have to go in for another bili draw until Monday, thank goodness! So more of the light this weekend, and any sunlight we can get too.

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  1. I hope you find plenty of time to just SIT this weekend! Don't stress about the house stuff. Like we talked about, it will all happen in it's right time (that being HIS right time!)

    Love ya!