Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Introducing Malachi!

The birth story will follow...
Malachi Jude was born on June 2nd at 5:17 am. He weighed 9 lbs even (ouch) and was 19.5 inches long. (I had to edit that date as a friend lovingly pointed out that I had put in the 4th as the birthday...definitely lack of sleep!)

So last Friday, June 1st, I had my 38 week checkup. I was already 5 cm dilated, and the doc sent me home with an appointment to induce on Tuesday June 5th. We were all worried that the baby would just fall out with one contrax. Yeah...right. Instead I used the morning and the afternoon to run around and get a few more things finished.

I woke up on Friday night about 12:30 am (technically Saturday morning) because I heard the washing machine entering orbit I needed to go pee anyways, so I figured I would switch over the laundry, which was diapers. When I laid back down I had two contractions and decided to prop myself up in bed so I could time them. I timed them for about an hour, and decided that they were probably consistent enough (3-4 min) and working on getting strong enough (but not really painful) that I could wake everyone up and go in. After all, the doctor did say "Don't wait." =D So I drug Mitch out of bed and called Holly to watch the kids and Kristin and Steph to meet me at the hospital. I was so nervous. We ended up leaving when Holly was still about 10 min from our house and called back to check to make sure she made it ok (the hospital is about 7 min away).

So I arrived on the floor of the hospital somewhere around 2:30 am and was all smiles, even laughing with my friends. They were such a great help. The nurses gave me *that* look. The look that says "you're not in labor." Hahaha...joke was on them when they discovered I was almost 7 cm. I had to get down to business if I wanted to use my Bradley relaxation techniques, huh? We got into a real room and got a bath drawn. I had about 2 contrx (great relief in the bath) and the doc came in to break my water (4 am) so I had to get out. She said I was already 9.5 cm. How about that? I had gone with contrx only 4 min apart all the way through transition!! I got back in the bath for a few more min, but the nurse was really nervous, which made me nervous, so I just got out again. I labored in the bed on my side, just like I had practiced. It was wonderful. I was doing a great job and the contrax were mercifully several min apart. The nurses were all out in the hallway just talking about me and how it looked like I was sleeping. =) I had a rim of cervix left and honestly I was hoping it would never go away. On the outside I was a star student but on the inside I was caving at the thought of having to push.

So somewhere around 5 am I decided it was time to push (yeah, body decided) and I got into a pushing position. It was all awful. It was very hard and hurt so much. I couldn't tell when I was having contrax and I really hoped I wasn't doing this on my own! They were all just cheering me on to push, and I did so with my eyes shut tight the entire time. I think I got really mad when they told me to give another big push and push the other shoulder out--I was like "this is my 6th baby, I shouldn't have to push out that part!!" Then *HE* was out and on my chest, and I was waiting for the immense relief and I never did feel it.

So this is where my story really took a downward turn. I was in a lot of pain, and though my baby was beautiful and laying on my chest, I was not feeling better. They had a hard time stopping the bleeding, and the doctor referred to it as a "fountain." She looked at Steph and said "Am I exaggerating?" Steph said no. So they got that iv with pitocin hooked up to my heplocked iv faster than they cut the baby's cord (well, almost). Then began all the afterpains and the hard mashing on my stomach. This continued intermittenly until 3 pm and I was in a good deal of pain throughout the day. I couldn't even call anyone to share the news. I felt miserable, both physically and emotionally. I was supposed to be feeling so much better! By 3pm they finished 2 bags of fluids with pitocin, and I finally started to feel better. I still refused visitors that night (except for my lucky kiddos and my friend Angie).

My hubby got a sitter and came up to the hospital for a few hours. We finally figured out a name!!! And then I was able to make a couple phone calls. I was so annoyed that he waited months to tell me that he liked my first pick name. I told him that it was *his* fault we had a boy, so he had to choose the name. =) That was in the early afternoon. He went home and researched Bible names on the internet and came back with a great list that we narrowed down together.

I recovered pretty quickly after that. Malachi had slept most of the day Saturday and was awake at bedtime and ready to chow. I fed him off and on until 12:30 am, then desperately needed some sleep so I sent him to the nursery for about 4 hours. I could tell already on Sunday that Malachi was yellow. On Monday they drew his bili and it was 15.7. We were discharged with a bili light. His weight at discharge was 8 lbs 6 oz. We went back up to the hospital on Tuesday for a bili draw. It came back at 20. =( The doc on call called and wanted me to come in right away. He didn't bother to look at my chart or the baby's, just made a bunch of assumptions. I quickly informed him that this is baby #6 and all 6 have had elevated bili levels and 4 have been on lights...blah blah blah. He later told my doc "she's a very confident mom." =) I hated being talked "down" to. His weight on Tuesday at the clinic was 7 lbs 7 oz. He had apparently lost a pound overnight?!? I did NOT point this out to the doc, because I didn't want to give him anymore reasons to blame breastfeeding (which was going very well). My doc was back in on Wednesday. I went back to the hospital for a bili draw again, and it came back at still 20. =( Since it was my doc calling to deliver the news, I was able to keep it together. She asked me to bring him in again. Especially since she managed to read his chart and notice that his weight had been so far down. Well, we get in there and he weighs in at a miraculous 8 lbs 11 oz. She weighed him 3 times, and finally another nurse passed by and said, "yeah, we recalibrated the scale yesterday." So all that worry on my part for nothing!!! Grrr. She sent me home with instructions to come in again Thursday am to the hospital for another bili draw. I am sooooo tired of running...


  1. He is handsome! Love all that hair!

  2. Congratulations!! You look great! He is so big. All of the kids look good. Love you sis, Jess

  3. You did do great! Like I said, you're my new labor hero! :P