Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, Mitch received 2 phone calls this week from potential employers. I already told about the first. The second came for a bilingual first they set up a phone interview with him (it was only a secretary) even though he questioned her on the job description...then she ashamedly called back to tell him that they need someone who is actually bilingual. Imagine that! He received a call today from the HR department at the school district office. The guy was very nice and super impressed that Mitch's file is already complete. He said that with Mitch's flexibility and experience, that he should be receiving tons of calls. He said he would highlight Mitch's name and resend it out to everyone. =) And to expect more calls next week. Let's hope! Not that he wouldn't want to take the math position...but it would be nice to have a list to choose from.

We decided that we could not afford the realtor that we originally contacted. We are in such a predicament! We are thinking of trying to sell the house on our own, but in this market...who knows. Unfortunately, I don't know what our chances of finding a realtor who will accept less commission is, either. We have managed to not incur any additional debt since I quit daycare back in August (what I see as a miracle), and I sure wish that we wouldn't have to go into debt to sell our home. However, the fact is that we have refinanced and the market has not kept up (as has happened to many people), and so this is what we are facing. One thing that we have going for us is there do not seem to be very many listings for 5 bedroom homes. The thing going against us is if we do not use a realtor, it's terribly hard to get the word out about our home. So what do we do?? Pray of course, but what else can we do? The Lord has only one buyer for our house...we just need them to know! As each day ticks by on the calendar, my anxiety grows, and I fear the alternatives. It is growing harder and harder to remember the words of Joshua 1:9 with a promise.

I have been reading "Anne of Green Gables." Well, the whole series. I'm on book 4. Micah is also reading them. I wondered how in the world he made it through all of Anne's "nonsense" talking in the first book. It nearly drove me crazy. Reminds me of myself. And my middle name is Anne and I remember growing up I'd always be particular of that "e" on the end--Just like Anne Shirley, though I didn't know her then. =) Thankfully my hair is not red. But I do have relatives who came from Nova Scotia (Anne was born there--I know she's not real, but the author herself was from Prince Edward Island), and I can't help but think as I'm reading that I am learning something of my own heritage.

I am absolutely smitten with my baby boy. He is adorable. He isn't my prettiest baby. No, I've decided that Eden was the fairest of all of them. But the hair--Oh!! I can't help but "pet" him all the time. And his mouth is a carbon copy of all the others and so kissable. What a dear. He sleeps for 3 hours at a time, then wakes and nurses marathon style for the next 2 hours. I've had lots of help from Mitch so that I'm able to hold him any time he cries. =) I drug out all my cute outfits and diapers yesterday and did a photo session for as long as he would let me. I had lots of fun. Here are two photos from that:


  1. My parents sold their last couple of houses on
    If you list it on the website and in the magazine, all different agents have access to it, and if one sells it, they get a small percentage (which is way less than if you had your own private agent). My dh and I are not homeowners, so we can't imagine what you are going through.
    I wanted to let you know that my baby is here, and I have been putting newborn cheekies on her. I learned the hard way that yes, you do need the snap in soakers. I thought the diaper was thick enough to go without it- wrong. There was pee everywhere. Oh well. She loves them. They are the only cloth diapers at this point in my stash which fit her.
    Thanks again.

  2. Do you realize that your hands make a heart shaped around his feet? Too cute!

  3. I am in LOVE with the heart/feet picture!! I had to send a link to the post to my sister-in-law. Her baby (Nora) is 4 weeks old now.

    Can I just say one more time that it was such an honor and joy to be present when Malachi was born? It is a memory I'll always treasure. And one that will help me to feel closer to you across the miles.

    As much as I wish it didn't have to, I know your house will sell. Seeing the big picture is God's job, and he will get the word to those "right people" just when they need it!

    Love ya!