Thursday, July 12, 2007

Appointment Update

This is one-handed typing, so will be short. :)

Malachi had another chiro appt yesterday a.m., then an appt with our family doctor in the afternoon. The chiro says he is working on keeping "fluid motion" rather than alignment (fluid as an adjective, not to be confused with feeding). He wants to see him again Friday a.m.

The doc appt was pretty exciting. I love our doctor!! Anyways my darling boy tipped the scales at 13 lbs 1 oz, and 23.5 in long. That's the 95th percentile for a 1-mo old! I fed him just before the appt so she could see him in his refluxing state. He even spit up a little for her, but mainly just did his normal "complaining." She said that she doesn't always treat reflux, but that she will treat him. She believes that he may be overeating because of the reflux...swallowing helps it feel better, so he keeps eating when he is not hungry because it helps him feel better (at least for a while). Treating reflux will NOT stop the spit up. It will neutralize the acids so that it doesn't hurt anymore. It will take a week or so for his esophagus (sp?) to heal and for us to tell if the med is working. She warned me that some babies are just fussy for no reason and then got smart with me and said "you've never really had a fussy baby." LOL...was that a compliment? Good thing I love her! She said zantac is the med of choice, but it tastes nasty and she usually ends up switching to a once-a-day med because that is easier to give. So she grabbed me some prevacid samples and wrote a prescription. My insurance doesn't cover it, unfortunately, so we will have to see if she goes with the generic or not. The lozenges have to be dissolved and fed by syringe to the baby, so that was interesting the first time!! =S

I'll keep you posted on how he responds to the treatment. :) Right now he is fussing again...

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