Sunday, July 08, 2007

Been Busy...

Well, we finished up a whirlwind week of running around. The kids had VBS that week, which really led to some back and forth carpooling. Then on the weekend (June 30th), Mitch's mom and step-dad came to visit from Kentucky and Mitch's step brother got married. The wedding was really fun and lasted two days. I enjoyed visiting with my inlaws and extended family. The only faux pas that I noticed was that we managed to show up 30 min late for the professional "family" photo. I had taken great pains to make sure all 8 of us were dressed in our best. Unfortunately, I noticed all too late (after the photo) that Zeke (my adorable curly blonde haired guy) was wearing white socks and spider man sandals. Yikes!! I sure hope the bride enjoys a laugh about a few years. Since we were all dressed up for what will probably be the last time this summer, I got Mitch's sister Holly to snap a picture of the 8 of us.

The next week was spent busily working on the house to get it more finished. The days are flying by at lightening speed and I'm afraid we're going to run out of time. Wednesday was the 4th of July and we had a cookout at our house with a lively assortment of friends (most of whom didn't know each other, and several didn't even know us!). It was a lot of fun, as I always enjoy hosting. We had a literal feast. The fireworks went on down at the Mississippi river, and as always, we climbed down to sit on the precariously steep bank. And once more I grumbled and complained that the trees were going to be in the way and I would not get any good pictures. My heart stopped once or twice as a couple of the kids would get too far out of reach. Turns out I was right that the trees were in the way, but I did take over 130 photos, some of which are quite good. :) With a smart digital camera you do get lucky once in a while!
Now onto important matters...Malachi. It was on Tuesday that I had a pondering. Someone, a stranger, asked me that typical question, "Is he a good baby?" I felt obligated to spit out the typical answer, "Oh yes," while smiling that angelic glowing new-mom smile. Then I darkened. "Well, he's a baby." And I didn't stop there. I kept going. "He wakes up, cries, eats, cries, and goes back to sleep. He sleeps really good. But I don't know that I enjoy the crying so much. But I love him. So I guess I don't really know how to answer the question." She said, "No, that's a good answer, I understand." But I still didn't shut up...I continued to ramble on until it was obvious that I had really lost my mind. lol. So on Wednesday I asked Mitch, "Do you think Malachi is a good baby?" He said no. I asked "Does he cry more than the others did?" He said yes. So I spent the next 24 hours grieving this. I am supermom afterall (nevermind me denying it in a previous post), and all my babies are GREAT babies!!! What is this? Is he really a "bad" baby or has amnesia set in? Have I blissfully blocked painful memories of holding other crying babies, or is this really a problem for Malachi? I booked him an appointment with the chiropractor and watched him like a hawk. He loves to lay with his neck tilted back, way back. He completely relaxes that way. When he is fussy, he likes to be carried that way. So we saw the chiro. No change and no major problems, but bring him back next week (still confused on why). Sigh.
My diagnosis after observation and research? He definitely has reflux. He has "silent reflux" because most of the time he does not spit up, and if he does it is a tiny amount or it comes out his nose instead. He frequently burps, swallows, and gets the hiccups, or burps, swallows, grimaces, then lets out a wail. He cries the entire time he is awake and either not nursing or not being actively carried and "shushed." Now that his awake periods are getting longer, this is a real problem for both of us. He is not happy and I'm not getting a thing done. That's why I don't blog or reply to's awfully hard to hold a crying baby and type, even one-handed. But I do read. Thank God he does sleep, but those precious hours are spent "catching up."
So here is the I take him to the doctor this week or just wait (painfully) until August 2nd? I feel awful going in there to the doctor already with my diagnosis in hand, because I always feel ashamed when her opinion differs from mine. There are several reasons for her to disagree that he needs medication to treat the reflux--one, he is nice and healthy and round (gaining plenty of weight), and two he sleeps really well. However, I can't just sit back and watch this get worse (and it does appear, from my biased standpoint, to be getting worse). There are some things that I can go ahead and do on my own, and I have already implemented these. I found a very helpful website: I'll have to keep you posted on this one. Pray for us!
No news on the house yet (biting my fingernails) and no showings. We had an open house on very short notice on Saturday. No one came, but it was a great dry run for all of us! We need lots of prayer on this one. The sermon at church today was excellent (was on Psalm 31), and in perfect timing for us. I'd love to tell you more about it, but my poor refluxing baby insists that I take a walk with him now.
Oh, I forgot to say that on Friday morning my grandmother passed from this world. A beautiful, strong woman, she was always a godly example of a wife and mother. This is a time that has been shadowed with many regrets for me, but I am reminded to take hope in the thought that we will be reunited in heaven some day soon and if there is still the need to say some things then we will have time. :)

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  1. Hey :)

    I LOVE the picture of all of you! And the story of Zeke and the Spiderman sandals with socks sounds... well, it sounds like something my kids would do! LOL

    My poor refluxing baby had a weird day today... She was so happy in the swing, and even fell asleep in there twice. But, she did manage to spit up all over me -- a few times. I'm sitting here now realizing that I am going to need a shower. Ahh, the smell of urp in your hair and clothing. Always wonderful :P

    I posted on my blog about the monarch's. You should check it out :) Have a great week!

    Love ya,