Monday, July 09, 2007

I scheduled an appointment for Malachi with his family doctor for Wednesday afternoon. I was desperate to take any available appointment she had this week. I think the receptionist was just being sweet and somehow fit me in. [whew] One of the two of us seemed to have a tougher day today. Either he did or it was me making a mountain out of a molehill. He is, afterall, a baby. I am glad he is sleeping now, and I should be too, but it is so tempting to finally get everything done in the quiet of the night that I didn't get done earlier today.

Tomorrow could be a fun day. Betty Lou (our realtor) called and asked if she could bring the realtors from their home office by to walk through our house quick in the am. She said it will take 10 min and we wouldn't have to leave. I said, "Sure. But if we don't leave they will certainly never forget us!" We chuckled together at the thought. I can see it now--they will have 5 great tour guides leading them through the house showing them all of their favorite features. Well here comes the really fun part--she then told me the time they would be coming over--"sometime after 10." Oh great--Micah invited several (not just one) friends over from 10 to 2 tomorrow. Yep, they will never forget us. Let's hope that is a good thing and that the memories are funny ones!! =)

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