Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Malachi's weird position

So this is it--one of the funny positions that Malachi likes to work himself into. A few minutes ago (just so you know he has not been sleeping like this for hours), I heard him wake up a bit and squirm around. He also filled his pants. ;-) So I finished up computer stuff and went to get him. I just HAD to take a picture to share with everyone. Now I'm gonna go get him and clean his butt (even though he is sound asleep again). Wish me luck at getting him back to sleep before midnight!!

Doesn't that look uncomfortable??
p.s. I read on the American Academy of Pediatrics website that it is ok to mix a little sugar with meds to help them taste better. I know that he will get used to it in time, but I thought that a little sugar wouldn't hurt either. His meds went down much better today, but he was still a real crab. His nursing schedule is off too--he seemed to want to "snack" rather than eat--so we'll see if tomorrow will be any better with a down day at home.

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  1. He is such a cutie! Congratulations!!! You have such a beautiful family.