Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A mini get-away vacation

We had a relaxing (almost) weekend camping with friends in southern Minnesota this weekend. I hope to put up pictures or a slideshow soon. We camped at Whitewater State Park. We enjoyed hiking, swimming/wading, park activities, and relaxing around the campfire. We did a LOT of cooking and cleaning up it seemed. Oh and chasing kids too. We arrived at camp on Thursday. It was a 3-hour trip down there, so by the time we loaded our van, drove down, and set up camp, the day was pretty much shot. Friday was a hiking/exploring day. We went up to the nature center Friday night for a snake class. A ranger there had a bull snake and a rattle snake, plus a slideshow and tons of information. It was fun. Saturday our groups split into two. One group headed further south to visit caves and a town full of reinactors from the 19th century. Our group stayed at the park for a scavenger hunt, then we went to the Marnach house which was celebrating its 150th anniversary. We got to ride a hay wagon pulled by a tractor 1.6 miles back to the house. It was absolutely astounding to ride 1.6 miles through nothing but cornfields, trees, and hills. After coming back, we decided to venture up to the Elba Fire Tower. Unfortunately, not only were there lots of stairs up the tower, there were lots of stairs up the tall, tall hill to get to the fire tower. I made it about 1/4th of the way up, then found a bench where I decided I needed to sit and nurse the baby until they came back down. I'm sure I could have made it up, but I knew what my legs would feel like when I got back down and why did I want to torture myself? I enjoyed the quiet sounds of the woods and got to sit and watch a woodpecker at work only about 10 feet away from me the whole time. Then we went back to camp. There was another large group from a church in St. Paul camping there as well, and we basically took over the "Gooseberry Glenn" campsites. :) Mitch learned to play Kubb with these new friends, and he came home and got the supplies right away and already has made his own Kubb game. We enjoyed a small worship service with this group Sunday morning before packing up camp and coming home.

While we were gone our house had its first showing. We have not heard any word on what these people thought of our house. It sure would be nice to have some feedback. There is no other news in the house realm. Last week we were sure that we were all going to move to Texas and rent something. Then we decided maybe not, but Mitch was sure he was going to go to Houston this week to "drive around." And now we have decided "not" on that too. We don't know what we are going to do. It's so frustrating!

We have a whirlwind week this week. I am getting all the kids into the doctor and dentist for their checkups, so that finding a new doctor won't have to be number one on our list when we get to Tx. The running to appointments stuff is wearing me thin. But my doctor (the one who delivered Malachi) was really encouraging to me today when I was in for my 6-week postpartum checkup. She said, "You could get a call tomorrow and your house could sell, and then all of a sudden your problem will switch to being 'oh my goodness, now we have to find a place to rent for a month!'" She is right--it can happen SO fast. We are not "out of time" yet. God has something perfect planned.

Malachi's meds seem to be helping him. We forgot to give him his meds one night while camping, and oh boy the next morning did he let us know it! If there were ever any doubt... I mentioned before that insurance does not cover the Prevacid that the doctor prescribed. So I picked up his meds, which insurance does cover, this week. It is called omeprazole. I found it VERY strange that all the pharmacy did was hand me the meds--no insert, drug information, nothing. Grrr. I will look it up online I guess. Also, we are going from a drug which tastes wonderful to this drug that tastes soooo nasty. The poor boy gags and chokes whenever I give it to him--and I give it very slowly. It is so sad. :( Can you tell I am not happy about this? I should find out how much prevacid costs and see if we can afford to just buy it. Even though I still have some samples left, I went ahead and switched him to the omeprazole so that when he sees the doc next week for his 2-month checkup I can let her know if it's working or not. So far today (his first day on it), I don't think he's doing as well. He is still seeing the chiropractor, and he is pleased with how Malachi's neck muscles are staying relaxed and how well he does with the "stretching." Malachi still does this weird arching thing and insists that he twist his head into a funny position--facing to the right--and I've been doing some research on it. The doctor mentioned it, and I had read about it online, but there is a condition called "Sandifer's Syndrome" and I believe that Malachi *could* be exhibiting this. Some descriptions I have read really sound like Malachi, however some that I have read sound similar to seizures which do not describe Malachi's position. Regardless, everyone says that if it is Sandifer's, then it is a reaction to the reflux and treating the reflux will relieve the symptoms of Sandifer's. I guess the worst thing about Sandifer's is that if it looks like seizures then it can really scare some parents, and then they have to do EEG's, etc, to make sure it's not.

It is so weird to look at him in his little positions. When he is laying on his side, he will sometimes rotate his head so far back that his spine is curved into a "C." This weekend he was sleeping unbuckled in the carseat, and he somehow wiggled himself around (while sleeping, not fussing!) so that his ear was almost down to his knee. I about died when I saw him this way, and I woke him up immediately--it was scary, but he didn't seem to care a bit. After he has eaten, he likes to be held upright, his tummy to my tummy, with his head leaned way back into my hand. I thought that all my babies did this, but now I see that he does it much more pronounced than the other kids did, and I don't recall any of them really doing it for this long. He is very strong--a good "kicker and flailer"--and also holds his head up when he is on his tummy. He can easily roll over from tummy to back, and he can almost get over the other way too because of the way he curves his head back. Funny boy! None of it is really scary (other than the carseat incident), but there's always this nagging mom thing of wanting to make sure nothing is really wrong. I'm sure he will be just fine. At least we are now able to put him in the swing--before he went on meds, he refused and cried every time we put him in there. Isn't that strange?

Pictures to come!

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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures. I am glad you had a showing and hopefully you will get the feedback you want. Things like this always seem to take forever.

    Jaden has been taking the Omep. med since I can remember. Yes I have tried it and it is very bitter. Jaden has gotten used to it being he has had it daily for almost a year now. These things take time also.

    Speaking of Jaden he is up crying now so I better go get him.

    Love you much, Steph