Saturday, July 28, 2007

Peanut Butter in My Ice Cream and Grace Under Fire

What do those two things have to do with each other? Nothing. Except that I am relishing a little of both this evening.

A couple weeks ago I had an idea. I like Reeses Peanut Butter cups A LOT. I really like them in my ice cream. I didn't have any, but I had some vanilla ice cream. I decided, "Why can't I just put plain old peanut butter into my vanilla ice cream and put chocolate syrup on top?" I worried that the flavor might be a little "off" but even though I'm reluctant to try new things, the craving took me and I carefully put some peanut butter on the side of my dish. Yum. It was great.

There are all kinds of ways I can think of to apply this to real life, but I'm not going to. I'm going to type in between bites while I enjoy my dessert.

We were happy to attend the dvd premiere of Grace Under Fire tonight. This is the movie that Mitch got to star in two years ago. The director of the film has done a re-edit of the film and it is finally out on dvd--yay! For all my long distance friends and family who have wanted and waited to see this film, you can now purchase a copy (it is a good amateur film) here: (under TLP store). I just checked and they have a "preorder dvd" and I'm sure they'll change that in a few days. At any rate, the dvd's are in their hands and they will ship as soon as you buy.

We went to this showing of the movie tonight somewhat reluctantly. It had been a long day. We had another open house, so we had spent all morning cleaning. Then we had to escape into the heat for 2 hours. I didn't know if I wanted to drag everyone out, pay $2.50 per head, to see a movie we had all seen before. But Michael called us and said we needed to come, so we did. After the movie they had some acknowledgements/announcements. I thought they were going to show outtakes. Instead, they had a slideshow tribute to Mitch and our family. I cried right out from the first picture to the last. They played a "goodbye" song. Oh man, it touched me deep into my heart. They called us up to pray for us. I felt like such a goat for wrestling with the whopping $2.50 door fee. Sigh.

I don't know if the awesome slideshow is included on the dvd...somehow I don't think it would be...but the film is great. The sound and quality issues that it had before are completely corrected. I look forward to seeing the films that the boys crank out in the future. Oh yeah, if you want to watch a trailer for the movie, you can see that here: update...nothing yet. We received the review back from the showing last weekend. They rated the interior: good, exterior: good, staging: fair, price appropriate? yes, but said they did not like the floor plan. We didn't get back in time to talk to the realtor today after the open house, but I assume that no one stopped by. If anyone did, I guess he'll send me a report next week. We are still praying. God will make a way, and all glory will belong to Him! I never fully understood the emotional struggle that selling a house and moving so far could be. I would be crushed were it not for God's grace. Grace under fire.

At least I didn't allude it to peanut butter... =)

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