Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1 Surgery, 1 Showing, and 3 Days to Go

I can't say that I welcome middle of the night vomit/diarrhea viruses. But what happened Monday night/Tuesday am was certainly worse!

I got to bed around midnight on Monday. I was blissfully sleeping (as Malachi lets me do for about 4-5 hours at night), when I was woken up by Micah rubbing my arm. (Seriously, I would rather he shout at me...grrrr...) He was complaining that his stomach hurt. Not wanting to wake up, I went through the usual questions without really thinking: do you need to throw up? need to go poop? need a drink of water? I suggested he lay downstairs on the couch, and he did. Of course, Malachi then woke up so I wasn't totally back to dreamland, but hoped I would be soon. Nope. Micah soon wandered back into the room, and by this point I was a bit more awake. He was crying and I could tell that he was really in pain (not nausea). Hehe...I sent him to daddy's side of the bed. =P Mitch asked him to describe the pain and where it hurts. Uhoh. Micah was pointing to his right side, down close to the hip. Sigh. One of us would be taking him to the e.r. I got the short end of the stick, so I loaded up Malachi and Micah and off we went. I tried not to say "appendicitis" or give Micah any reason to worry--afterall, it could also be a kidney infection or something else. They checked him out right away--no fever, but the nurse commented as he watched Micah walk down the hall that it was obvious that he was in pain. The E.R. doctor was a hoot. He tried to get Micah to jump and Micah could/would not. They decided to do a c.t. scan, and they hooked Micah up to an iv and also brought in the radioactive water. They explained that he would have to drink it, then wait an hour, then wait an hour for the results. Major groan...I'm never going to get any sleep, and I didn't bring enough cloth diapers for Malachi. I promised Micah a pepsi and he chugged the water. Then he immediately threw up! That's my boy!! Throwing up gave him an immediate ticket to go to the ct scan and he got to bypass the 1 hour wait. The results were back within 20 min too, and the E.R. doc said that it did look like appendicitis and they were calling in the surgeon. It was a little after 6 am when the surgeon walked in, and to my surprise and relief it was a friend from church (score!!). He explained everything to me (at this point Micah was already receiving some pain meds and was loopy). He called and asked for an O.R. "faster than fast." It was not so much an emergency that it couldn't wait an hour, but he had another appointment he needed to be at later that morning and wanted to be able to do Micah's surgery for us. So Micah was in the O.R. by 7 and the first cut was made at 7:15. He was done by 8 and I got to see him at 8:15. He definitely had appendicitis and they removed his appendix. We were home by 11 am. Although I was worried that it was too soon, everyone there seemed to be so calm about it. Micah was in heaven hanging out on the couch ALL day playing xbox. I thought it was hilarious how he would fall asleep in the middle of a game, but hey--play when you can, right? By today he was not in much pain, but he is still moving very slowly. I finally convinced him to have some more tylenol at bedtime. I'm never going to catch up on my sleep! (p.s. That'll teach Micah to wake ME up in the middle of the night again!!)

We had a showing tonight. No word on that yet, but it made for a crazy day trying to keep the house clean. We had previously scheduled to have pictures taken by my friend Angie Chilson (, so we also had to make it out of our house CLEAN and ready to smile. Yikes!!

Mitch will be in Houston for the 13th after receiving the o.k. to miss Thursday the 9th and make up the hours later. That means he will be leaving on Saturday. So in all our FREE time (yeah...please insert very loud sarcasm), we have been trying to chip away that the last of the to-do list. I am frustrated, scared, nervous, anxious, all wrapped up into one weak and sleep-deprived body. God is my strength...otherwise I could not hold myself together. What am I going to do???

I look forward to the day when my blog entries will be more fun and lighthearted!! In everything that has happened, it is clear to see God's hand protecting us. The timing of Micah's ailment was so good. Mitch was still home. We were still in St. Cloud close to the people we know. Micah hadn't eaten since 8 pm the night before, so he was all good to go to surgery immediately. Dr. Tims was on call and ready to operate. Micah's appendix did not rupture. He is home and healing great. Eden and Caleb are getting extra practice nurturing and caring for their brother. We are all learning and growing. God is good.

p.p.s. My computer has been majorly acting up. We have to send it in for warranty covered repairs (yeah, right...). So when I disappear for 2 weeks, you know why!

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  1. You know I'm praying for you. And as soon as all of us can kick the sickness that's going through our house I'll come visit! I'll also be available after the weekend to head over after 8:30pm and help with whatever you need for an hour or two any day you need it...

    Love you,