Saturday, August 18, 2007

1 week down...???

I don't know if knowing how much longer we have would help any.

But the first week is down. It was ok. Doing laundry was harder than I thought. I rearranged the remaining clothes in the closet so that it didn't look so empty. But I could smell him (mainly his deoderant, since cologne gives him headaches), and that elicited a sob at one point. Tuesday I had a couple friends over to sew, and that distraction helped. We worked until 7:30 pm. Wednesday Kristin came over just to "hang out" and the day went by way too quickly. I got the lawn mowed while she was here, and I earned a nasty blister right on the bottom of my foot over that! (I don't know why, but EVERY time I mow I get a blister, and I've tried using different shoes). Thursday was a down day at home, and I tried to crack open the home schooling curriculum and get organized, but I didn't get very far. Friday was a major errand day. I had a lot of running to do. We were all tired by the end of the day and got McDonald's for supper and played at the new play area. It was a treat. I told the kids we will come back there for phy-ed!!

Mitch found a place to stay finally on Wednesday. It is not the best place in the world, but it is safe and dry. The nice thing is he did not have to sign a lease, so he has the flexibility when our house finally does sell. He has been sleeping on the floor, as he has no furniture. His landlady said she would bring him a bed over this weekend (I sure hope she remembers!). He is staying in a 5 bedroom house with 4 other roommates. He bought a small refrigerator for his room. It feels just like college. He has been busy setting up his classroom and getting to know his coworkers. It amazes him how the secretaries will talk in both spanish and english, even in the same sentence. In all our married years, I have never felt so separated from him. It feels like we are not even married. I'm having a really hard time with it.

The kids just rolled with the punches all week. They are doing great. I made up a list of rules and consequences. It's not perfect, but it has helped a lot. I was afraid that Micah would be too legalistic about it, but he seems to understand when I make a modification. I warned him that we would have to "work out the kinks." We want to start homeschool on Monday. We will if I can get all the lesson plans done by then. I think I am getting the feel for how our schedule will go. I want to get started early so that we can take time off when we move and then still be on track. Before Mitch left, we bought a family cell phone plan. So we have talked to him everyday. It is nice--when the kids ask if they can call daddy, I don't even ask why, I just let them.

Malachi seems to be doing much better. I think the spitting up has increased, so for now the reflux is not going away, but the meds are helping. He has been much more content. He wakes up about once or twice per night. I can usually get 5 hours out of him before he wakes up though. Around 9 pm, he starts getting really cranky. All he wants is to be put in a dark room in his bassinette. He goes right to sleep all on his own--yay!!

Joshua is a little mockingbird. He repeats literally everything we say. He is quite accurate, too, and it is fairly easy to understand him. He has been giving me a really hard time at bedtime. He cries and cries in his crib. He doesn't want to take naps either. I don't know why the change--it had started before Mitch even left--and it drives me crazy. =S I wanted to wait to transition him to a bed after we moved to texas, but it may be time. I have tried a few times to get him to lay down on a mattress on the floor, or to lay in Micah's bed, but he always gets up. I guess *I'm* not ready for that discipline chore. Arrrggghhhh.

Zeke has been so wirey and full of energy. His little biceps are just bulging--man, is he strong!! He is just dying for attention. Today he ripped a good 12 inches of the border off the wall in Josh's room. We have an open house tomorrow and I can't find the leftover border to fix it. I just cried. I scolded him, and he had a pouty face. Then 30 seconds later he was laughing and playing again. I wondered, why don't you get it kid??? When he gets a severe punishment, he gets angry at me, but also tries to climb into my lap for cuddles. I wonder sometimes that he doesn't purposefully get into trouble so that he can get the attention. I have added Dr. Dobson's "The New Dare to Discipline" book to my reading list so that I can work on Zekey-boy.

Well, Holly just stopped by and took Micah and Eden to Papa's house for Grandma Theis' birthday. Zeke, Josh, and Malachi are all (miraculously) sleeping, and Caleb is playing x-box. I'm going to capitalize on the quiet and go work on the remaining 9 subjects I need to prep (yikes!).

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