Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day

Today I am pulling back the reigns on my grief a little bit so that my excitement can have a chance to grow some. Mitch called and chatted on his way to work. For someone who HATES talking on the phone, this is a big deal that he has called us so much. He described the scene as he pulled up to the high school--this is where he will have 3 days of training with all the other "new" teachers--and said that they looked like a nervous bunch. At least he's not alone!! =) He said that one guy was still carrying the plastic "Aldine" bag that they handed out at the job fairs. To be totally honest, Mitch would probably still have his except I ditched it and filed his paperwork into file folders. He's so lucky I take care of him. Nerd. :)

We have a monarch butterfly that is going to emerge from its chrysalis today. When the kids originally brought this caterpillar home, I was bummed. Normally I love the caterpillars and watching the amazing transformation they undergo ( to see pictures from the butterflies we had last year). It usually takes around 10 days in the chrysalis. I knew that by the time the caterpillar emerged Mitch would be gone. That sucked the joy right out of the experience. But the truth is that God is transforming me too from the inside out. The butterfly is a great example of how beautiful the end result will be. :) Micah just posted an update. He said in a strained voice, "Mom, there is a big crack in it, but the butterfly is not coming out!" I reminded him, "the butterfly has to struggle." Oh wow, as soon as I said it, I really heard it coming right back at me in light of my own circumstances.

Thank you, Lord, for the struggle. Help us to emerge.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that God is the one that changes us... and it's not always easy!

    I'm so glad He gave me you as a friend :)