Monday, September 24, 2007

8 x 0 = 24

Well, one of Mitch's kids gave a similar answer on a speed drill recently. It may not have been 24, but it was something equally absurd. It wasn't just that problem, but it was ALL of the problems. Out of 40, he only got 1 right. They were all basic multiplication facts. These are 4th graders. :( I think he said something like only 6 kids in his class had their homework done for today. One parent asked if her child could make it up. Why the need to make it up? Why not just do it in the first place?

Mitch had another frustrating day. So did I, and I can't even blame it on the kids or the weather. I am just so stuck. Worry and doubt chase me endlessly. The only relief is to take it one step, one chunk at a time. That book I'm reading by Craig Barnes, "When God Interrupts," is helping a lot.

We had a showing this morning, and got a call this evening to do one on Wednesday afternoon. When we got home after this morning's showing, the kids come unglued. They must have just been dying to mess the house up! It did get away from me once I let my guard down. =S

My hope remains in the Lord. He sustains me and gives me strength. I may not like it for right now, but I am glad that He is molding and shaping me! The cool thing is, I know He's working on Mitch too.

Well...short post tonight...I stink like baby puke (Malachi sure is a spitter) and I can hear my bed calling me from here! :)

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