Saturday, September 29, 2007

Half a Person

I just remembered that this is one of the blogs that got lost in the dark recesses of my mind. =) It is so hard to go places that Mitch and I always went together (like church) or to talk to people who are used to seeing us/being with us together. I always feel like "half a person." I miss him so much.

Yesterday was ok. We have to work on getting our work done independently. Micah and Eden that is. So I'm coming up with a grading system to be able to keep track of their independent work that isn't really graded. We got caught up on the lessons that had been left unfinished...hopefully I'll see some improvement. If I weren't so distracted, I could probably do this a little better!! =) We took a walk. There are lots of fields around here with wild grasses growing in them. We found some thistles that had bunches of different butterflies and moths. Since Micah just finished a science unit on insects, we were quite enthralled. Of course, butterflies are beautiful all on their own...but we had fun trying to identify each.

I watched "The Ultimate Gift" last night. It was incredible. I found myself totally caught up in the story. Well done!! It made me miss Mitch even more, though. Really, I'm glad that I have these feelings for him. Not glad for the circumstances, but reassured that the desire for him is there.

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